Bad News

OOC: Joint post between Esimed & Blitzen

“A look ahead at our 4 o’clock hour: Mutants are indeed back and they menace our downtown studios.”

As the voiceover played on televisions across the city, the video showed a newsroom office in a complete state of disarray; a large Xerox machine lay on its side, papers carelessly strewn about, interns hard at work trying to restructure cubicle walls and untangle phones. The camera cut to a very brief shot of Theodosia Maximoff, enveloped in red fog. Panning the room, doors lay on the floor or bent on their brass hinges.

“Two employees barely escaped with their lives, including award winning journalist and anchor, Bailey Bishop.”

The news feed displayed footage of a very disheveled young woman sobbing uncontrollably at her desk, unable to speak or do anything but wail. Standing not far away was famed news reporter Bailey Bishop: “Was I afraid? I’ve been in this business for over 30 years, but you bet I was afraid.”

A full close up of Theo filled the television screen as she spoke.

“My face is huge…” Theo said under her breath as she watched the image flicker on the Sanctum’s television. On the news she continued her exchange with the reporter.

“You’ve had fifteen years without mutants, superheroes or the villains. And now the children of those done and gone heroes are grown up or growing up. We’re here to stake a flag of peace and set a banner for those progeny.” The camera panned back to show Niko standing threateningly between Theo and her interviewer, index cards splayed on the ground in front of them. Her voice was louder, more agitated. “I am the daughter of the most powerful wielders of magic this planet has ever witnessed. I can do things you can’t even imagine and I know things you will never know. The threat is coming. My father traveled through space and time to warn me of the troubles to come. He warned the Avengers against Thanos and their inevitable defeat. I see things the rest of the world will never see. I see things right now. You think I am naive because I wish to save your life. Perhaps I should save everyone else and spare you the indignity of being shielded by a naive girl from Sokovia.” The footage showed a silver haired man scooping the dark haired woman into his arms as she continued to rant at the top of her lungs, “BEEEP your parade, Bailey Bishop. I’m not crazy!”

“The full interview is available on our porta…”

Niko clicked off the television as he and Theo sat side by side in silence.

“Your hair looked great,” He offered by way of consolation.

“Of course it did, Bob’s a genius, but they didn’t paint us in a very good light.” Theo replied, angrily. Niko went to answer, but Theo held up a single finger with a perfect coat of glossy black polish which stopped him before the sound ever passed his lips. He did try to warn her. He did tell her so. Inwardly, he was rather pleased his biceps did get some screen time, but now was not the moment to bring that up.

“Maybe ‘fuck your parade’ was a little over the top, Mishkja Brat,” he chuckled. Theo was about to punch him in the arm, but Niko was saved by a knock at the door. In their time at the Sanctum they hadn’t received any visitors and there had been no knocks at the door or rings of the doorbell until now. Theo enjoyed the quiet and the solitude, but it drove Niko crazy, proverbially speaking. He knew the Sanctum would likely lead him on some awful wild goose chase to find the front door which would end in him finding the Dining Room repeatedly, so he stayed put while Theo padded out of the room and directly to the front door.

“Bob!” He heard her call excitedly. “What are you doing here?”

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