America's Little Angels (T'Chantem)

The rapid fire flashing of cameras and attentive, foreign faces never really got old for T'Chantem over the past four years. Even though the attention wasn't solely fixated on him, six people in a group was small compared to what could have been six hundred in attendance, and that was not counting the live feed of onlookers who were probably more invested in the other huge news story of New York anyway. That was fine, his words were mostly for leaders and other diplomats who actually cared to exercise the control and influence they had over their government, not for the general American population who couldn't even get their voter turn out past fifty percent.

Flattening the sleek, black, vibranium laced blazer for what felt like the thousandth time since he arrived, T'Chantem briefly glanced at his fellow tribal representatives. They had spoken much about the event at the hotel before they arrived (minus the always stubborn and reluctant Jabari representative), but he never particularly enjoyed speaking in front of people who weren't his own. He usually calmed his nerves by thinking about the good that he was doing for his country, that always made his job infinitely more enjoyable, however his mind was also more occupied on the events that were currently circulating the news stations like wildfires in California. If truth be told, he was excited, if also just a tiny bit worried, that there were several other super-humans flouncing about in New York. He somewhat wanted to have a chance to meet them.

When it was finally his turn to speak, he once again adjusted his blazer, mostly out of nervous movement, before taking a deep breath that dipped well into his stomach and stepped towards the podium. "Good afternoon, my name is T'Chantem Munroe, and I am here to help speak on behalf of the Wakandan nation, as its Golden Tribe representative," he announced, introducing himself with a practiced and familiar script.

By the time the incessant pattern of speeches, note taking, head nods, and even pitiful clapping came to an end once everyone had spoken their peace, T'Chantem had to mentally remind himself to straighten his posture when he exited the building. The boring tone of his public meeting did nothing other than offer a bitter taste of irony to foreshadow the events that his phone had urgently notified him via several downloaded news apps. Every headline, for what had to be the third time within the past 36 hours, read roughly the same thing about the same people, simply rephrased. T'Chantem silently shook his head before he even pressed on one of the several notifications, and when the faces of the two Maximoff cousins in all their prepossessing glory filled his screen, he was nowhere near surprised.

Damn these people really loved garnering nationwide attention at world-breaking records.

When he entered his car once again, he silently watched the interview and read the article and comments, taking mental notes on things that piqued him. The Maximoff girl had a point, several actually, in his opinion, and while the interviewer, Baily Bunsen-Burner, or whatever her name was, had her own points, she was quite frankly much easier to be annoyed with. "We're the ones birthed and raised by the heroes they all idolized...even worshiped. So, which ones of us would know best?" T'Chantem sarcastically commented to himself, and it was a point Theodosia had lightly touched on herself during her all not-so-humble brag.

While T'Chantem hadn't learned any new information on the red and blue figure bouncing behind Nikolai, who was indeed confirmed by the news source and interview to be the flesh and blood of Pietro Maximoff, he did learn a lot about his younger cousin and her plans. The daughter of Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange most definitely had a powerful tone to it, especially considering all it took was one of those power sources to vanish a majority of super-powered people, but T'Chantem was amused at how the interview was going, even as it fell apart in an absolutely atrocious manner; at least besides making him chuckle a few times, Theodosia had a solid argument.

When the interview finally came to an end, and T'Chantem had thoroughly scoured the news sites for information and the public's reaction, he scanned and sent the information back to his cousin via his kimoyo beads. He didn't exactly want any details analyzed, the news and his own pair of eyes did that well enough in his opinion, but since he had already pulled his cousin partially into the Maximoff mess, he thought that he should at least make sure they stayed properly updated. Only a few minutes later, a text message came through on his kimoyo beads before he opened it; it was his own add-on of information from his cousin.

The red and blue figure couldn't be properly identified. Their face was hidden with a mask, and the street footage only recorded imagery and not audio, so any voice pattern checks were long nullified, however that didn't stop his younger cousin from being able to identify the figure as most likely female, and even more easily identifying the scarlet woman as the same Theodosia Maximoff from the interview. Now if only T'Chantem could figure out where the pair disappeared to, he could talk to them himself...

Within only a few hours later, T'Chantem left his hotel dressed for an evening of travelling around the New York streets, which in his mind included a white leather jacket over a black t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes, that of course were all laced, stitched, or woven with some bit of vibranium. His father's ring shone nicely in the remaining sunlight as he playfully twisted it, he was finally done with all of his political business in New York, and he wanted to take at least some time off to enjoy being abroad. That, or at least try to locate those conspicuous Maximoff cousins everyone was prattling on about.

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