Scavenging Spider

Gwen was walking the streets of Manhattan with a mouthful of breakfast crepe, ah right up there pancakes. She was the classic picture of some bookish nerd. She had glasses, leggings with cute skirt with a teddy print, her deep red hair bunned sloppily. Oh, she was taking her time to savor each bite. She was on the hunt … for parts! Be it thrown away or from a pawn shop she didn’t care, she was, unfortunately, starting totally from square one. Bonneville had completely shattered the only piece of tech Gwen had so painstakingly made. The loss of her mask was easy to replace but the device she had been tinkering with? Even now lingering on the thought made her sigh.

She jammed the glasses back up her nose as she passes a store with tv’s jammed in every corner of the front window. The red witch and Bonneville … on tv news. Oh. Why. WHY!? Gwen glared at the TV and stuffed her mouth with the last of her breakfast. She wondered if Spider-Man ever dealt with this when he first started out.

It really didn’t matter anyway, Scarlet Spider was benched for a good long while. Not like the parts she needed were cheap or easy to get on a teenagers allowance. She sighed walking on to continue her hunt.

Soon Gwen was digging through an electronic dumpster with all sorts of hidden gems but it didn’t’ ease her grump moon. “Bonneville. That’s a terrible hero name.” Gwen in her best Niko voice. “You didn’t even know what Bonneville was … you stupid …”Gwen tosses a broken piece of doodad she didn’t over her shoulder. “ … silver hair … Ooooh!” She said holding up an intact micro motherboard. “Nice! I can make good use of you!” She cooed to the object stuffing it in her backpack.

“You are a hero, yes? And heroes save everyone, that’s what you said?” She griped poorly mimicking Bonneville's his voice again. Oh, she wasn’t not letting this go! It was one thing dragging her at high speeds and crashing into various objects but he broke her tech! That was no so easily forgiven!

“Oh, nice!” She said holding up another but of discarded tech. “Wonder why they tossed you away?” Gwen said adding that to her trove of discarded tech. She noted grimly she was at capacity. Sure technically she could lift up a freaking car but she was still a slim, lanky if not tall 15-year-old girl, so no car lifting for this tech greedy girl. It was going to have to do. The rest she was going to probably have to buy and machine herself.

The poor backpack's straps strained from the weight and if it could talk would most likely bemoaning ‘Whhhhhhyyyy? Why do you do this to me?’. Even so, Gwen could barely contain herself and it was hard to keep herself from having an extra bounce to her step. It was just past lunchtime and Gwen thought it might be time to get some food. Being superpowered sure made you hungry even on a normal day! Yes, the young Scarlet Spider care about only two things at the moment, Tech and Food … like any normal budding superhero wanabe would be.

In the end, it seemed like this was a good thing. The dynamic duo flashing themselves on the news it seemed like laying low was going to be the best idea. Getting that kind of attention was the last thing she wanted.

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