The Cat & The Spider (T'Chantem & Gwen)

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T'Chantem's neck craned as he silently watched an advertisement on an electronic build board promote a list of tour dates for an American pop artist. The ad was only one of what was dozens, if not hundreds, of brilliantly flashing lights, and he wondered if any of his friends back home would appreciate if he bought them a ticket or two for a future show. Wakanda had obviously not made the pop star’s lineup, not that he wanted it to, but to no surprise the entire continent of Africa was void of any presence on the 20-something show dates, and he expected that when even more locations were inevitably added due to public interest or some gaudy company ploy to reach deeper into more people’s pockets, Africa still wouldn’t even be near anyone’s train of thought. Usually, the ‘world’ in world tour meant The United States, Europe, and a few parts of the rest of the Americas for Americans.

Once T’Chantem had viewed the advertisement long enough to sate his curiosity, he continued down the street, his legs briskly weaving him through the congested crowd of shuffling people. He wouldn't be buying tickets for that particular party, he decided. Pulling his phone from his jacket, he checked over the news feeds again. The same events were being run into the ground and spread throughout the internet like the virus it was; at least his convention had managed to graze a few front pages of several news apps. While his face was focused on his phone, T'Chantem failed to take notice of a particular shady somebody silently approach him from behind. In his honest opinion, most people on the streets outside of his home country were suspicious to, not particularly worrisome, just...weird, but weird was a rude way of describing foreigners, especially when he was the one visiting, so he settled on determining that they were different.

He hadn't quite noticed any odd behavioral quirks or patterns in the surrounding people that would point them out as being spies. He did manage to spot a few thieves and people probably on their way to or from some sort of illegal or immoral act, but nothing too out of the ordinary for a city, and if truth be told, he hadn't really been paying close attention to the people around him anyway. His Dora Milaje friends would be quite displeased with his inattentiveness.

The man who thought he was managing to successfully pull off a robbery wrapped one arm around his torso, placing a guiding, yet forceful hand to his left rib cage, while with the other he pressed a knife roughly against the opposite side of his shirt. The thug was at least smart enough to quickly maneuver around T'Chantem's jacket, but even so, the knife would still fail to cut through any material he was wearing. T'Chantem mentally cursed himself as the person adamantly guided him away from the crowd, New York was too packed with people, and he allowed too many to get too close to him while he was preoccupied. For the time being, T'Chantem complied with what the man wanted, there was no use in causing a public scene in the middle of the street and making the cover of the news in a similar fashion to the Maximoffs. He silently allowed himself to be lead away from the crowd and into a nearby alleyway, he could tell that the man was nervous, which was an easily made judgment because of how close the two physically were. As soon as T'Chantem was sure that they were an appropriate distance away from the crowd, he swiftly unarmed his captor in one brisk movement before snapping his wrist with a satisfying crunch.

He watched as the man crumbled to the ground, first to one knee and then to both in pain. He flipped the knife in his hand before skillfully twirling it, intimidating the thug in the process. It would make a cute little retrofit for someone soccer mom's suburban kitchen. T'Chantem wouldn't rob someone of their life for what was probably nothing more than petty crime, but it didn't take long for his now attempted captor's friends to arrive.

Considering that he was now encircled within the alleyway with no clear-cut escape, it became all the more evident that the entire plot was a set up for what his adversaries thought would be a brutal beating for him. The ringleader of the bunch had already drawn his weapon, which was nothing more than a small handgun, and his several flunkies followed suit with bronze knuckles and more knives of their own. T'Chantem simply stood there, the ring leader shooting the knife from his hand, and he was certain that the next shot would be aimed at his head.

Raising his hands with his palms exposed, T'Chantem could feel the static electricity crackle through the air before several streaks of lighting shot throughout the alley. The thugs were sent flying off their feet, slamming against the bricked walls and hard pavement, a majority of them being knocked from a consciousness they apparently barely had to begin with. The grip the Ring Leader held on his gun was released, sending it clattering to the ground, and in the split of a second, both he and T'Chantem lunged towards it.


Gwen being a city native knew the ins and out of the city pretty well so she was more than capable of navigating the shortcut and more importantly where she could and couldn’t go. That was to say no place was taboo for the spiderling. At least she liked to think so, that might all be changing soon with the Max cousins outing themselves on the damned news.

The girl had decided to be choosy over what to have for lunch on the way home. It was the city, after all, throw a stone and you could have anything. Hell two block down and in Hell's Kitchen, you could have bubble tea and on the same block was Persian restaurant.

It seemed the universe will be constantly testing Gwen's sanity when she sees to men going at it. (Head out of the gutter!) She watches in disbelief as the pair struggled over a gun. GUN! THERE WAS A GUN!?

Gwen didn’t think and she did something very, very stupid. She was going to probably regret later. Not knowing who was the aggressor (This was becoming an ongoing theme she noticed) Gwen ran into the alleyway, the weighed down backpack bouncing and she started to cut loose with the webbing. She tried to fire with the legendary accuracy of her hero but Gwen never had much call to be so accurate until recently. Were it the strands she used to swing on she might have had a better chance. However, the fat sticky wad of glue like webbing peppered the pair like soft hail.

“Oops … oh! Ah! No ...Eeeehh.” Poor Gwen said until she hit her mark … the gun was now firmly covered in webbing goop and stuck fast to the concrete. That also meant the two who had been fighting over it were also covered in that goop from all the missed shots. “Oooh, I think I got ‘em in the face. Yep … I did …” Gwen said turning as red as her hair. “ … Sorry, you know … I’ll let the cops sort you guys out …” She said using her string web to pin the one man on the ground.

The man cursed and yelled trashing under the webbing. Gwen was about to do the same to T’Chantem when he had partially torn off the goop from his face. All he got to see was a flash of a redhead as she made a ‘eep’ sound and shot him in the face again. There was also the distinct sound of running but not down and out of the ally. The sound scraping and feet touching metal indicated differently. Up maybe?

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