The Cat & The Spider II (T'Chantem & Gwen)

OOC: Joint post between GrayGladiator & Winters

One second T'Chantem was diving for a gun to ward off his captor, and the next he was being plastered in the face with some random teen's bio-organic webbing. T'Chantem barely had a chance to see whoever it was that had attempted to come to his rescue, but he was able to see enough to be able to determine that it was, in fact, a young female, and now not only did he have a slightly closer look at her, but he also had a voice to match to what was still an evasive face. When he finally finished pulling the sticky webbing from his eyes, he faced the thug that had ambushed him before whipping up a focused, yet small, gale wind and sending him across the other end of the alley. The gun had been stuck to the ground with webbing, and in another split of a second, T'Chantem figured that his time would be better spent tracking down his rescuer.

By the sounds of her clattering footsteps, she had scaled a nearby building, which was a theory confirmed when T'Chantem climbed up the building himself and spotted her already making her way away. The girl, who he was mentally marking as a possible fourth super-powered individual in his ever-expanding equation, had gotten a sizable head start on him, and based on the facts that it was her natural instinct to run to the rooftops and that she was extremely agile and lithe in her escape, confirmed to T'Chantem that she was used to commonly doing such. He was also able to draw the conclusion that she was more than likely a city native, as it was highly unlikely that anyone else would be willing to go into an alleyway to aid someone they had never met, and subsequently be able to easily navigate an escape route for themselves.

T'Chantem ran across the roof of the building after the girl, hoping that perhaps no one was paying too close of attention; he didn't particularly want people talking about the Prince of Wakanda free-running through the rooftops of New York. It was slightly more difficult to gain the needed distance on her than he originally anticipated as they jumped from rooftop to rooftop, but he also didn't particularly find the event worth fully exerting himself over. "Hey! I just want to talk," he called out, before jumping and landing over on the next building.
~Ha! Right!~ Gwen ran and lept between the gaps as easily as leaping over a small puddle. This was her home turf all and she had, it seemed, the mutant advantage. So there was no incentive to stop. Soon enough Gwen vaulted across a gap a normal human would probably not be able to cross, well not without some clever working but the point was she was sure she would lose him.

She dared to peek behind her to be sure. He was still a dot in the distance. She was going to hit the sidewalk and head home. Lose him for good in the throng of people.

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