Painting the City Scarlet

Gwen was working peer through her a large magnifying glass on a stand peering at the slipshod circuitry that housed in her belt. Yea it was shoddy she knew it but it was called a prototype for a reason! The damn thing had gotten wet and now … well, it wasn’t working very well anymore. Well, to be fair it had not been working right, to begin with.

The girls were in her room, it wasn’t very big but nothing was when you lived in and around the NYC area. Regardless her room didn’t quite like a normal teenager. Sure there were posters of her favorite bands plastered across the walls but so were shelves of electronic parts, a number of pet projects in various states as well as tools galore.

What the budding hero had been trying to do was get her outfit to basically go invisible. At best she was semitransparent which was kind of a stretch but better than nothing at the moment. Right now this was kind of important to at least get sort of working. God forbid someone snapped a photo! How many people were currently running around New York City with web crawling abilities? It wasn’t going to be a huge leap for her mother to figure out it was Gwen! Then life after would be a total misery. She got it, her mom was trying to protect her but damn … she felt so stifled at the same time.

Which was why Gwen was going to such insane length to hide her activates. What mom didn’t know would kill Gwen!

“Oh, there you are! The transistor burned out.” Gwen said from a growing smile and began the delicate work of changing it out. She had just started when she heard the creak of the front door open.

“Gwen honey I’m home!” MJ called out from downstairs.

Gwen without thinking flung the project under her bed cringing as she heard it clatter. At least it was out of sight but god she hoped nothing broke. It was sort of knee-jerk by now anyway. Gwen leaped twisting midair and sticking to the ceiling over her bed. She shot some webbing to her phone on her desk, jamming her earbuds in and tried to look as relaxed as possible.

Her door creaked open. “Honey? Gwen … GWEN!” MJ's voice rose nearly shouting to get her daughter attention.

“Oh hey! Mom! You home! Sorry I kinda got absorbed!” Gwen smile foolishly. “Sorry. “

MJ just chuckled. “You just as bad as your father.” She said affectionately. “Why are you on the ceiling?” She asked suddenly her tone flat.

“More comfortable.” Gwen admitted.

~Definatly like her father.~ MJ though her face schooled. “Okay, dinner will be ready soon, I have to go out again after we eat and I’ll home late okay?”

“Yea mom no worries. I’m a big girl.” Gwen said rolling her eyes.

“Alright love.” MJ laughed closing the door.

Gwen let out a huff of air feeling like she breathe again. At least that meant tonight Gwen could go out if she got the belt fixed and mom wouldn’t be the wiser.


Gwen stood from a high vantage point in the Manhattan in her get up. She wasn’t crass enough to call herself Spider-Girl. Fact was even WITH the costume her confidence went so far. No she was the Scarlet Spider … yay … honestly, it was a moot idea since no one could know! She couldn’t exactly tell anyone either!

Gwen shook the doubt from her head. “Geez girl. Get it together! Who cares this is about you getting to be you!” She said to no one. She was really just trying to psych herself up. “Well, moment of truth!” Gwen pressed her belt buckle.

She waited.


She pressed it again.


“Oh … you … COME ON WORK!?” She said yelling at her belt and she rapidly jammed the button. It sputtered to life and she flickered like a bad projection. "YES! YES YEEEEEEEESSSS!” She shouted cheering thrusting both hands in the air and jumping up down. Okay, she was less than transparent but it was better than nothing!

“NEW YORK CITY HERE I COME!” The Scarlet Spider whooped leaping off the building.

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