The Outer Sanctum Part 2

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“Do you always travel with Guards?” He asked, nodding towards his car. “I mean, you can do things, like Storm, no?”

T’Chantem removed his hand following Niko’s assault against the defiant door of the Sanctum. He listened as Niko gave explanation to the oddities of the building, before glancing over at his car-in-waiting Niko nodded towards. “Not necessarily, but I’m out on diplomatic missions, and it’s standard to have security when acting as a politician surrounded by foreigners,” T’Chantem explained as they waited. His heart sank ever so slightly at the mention of his mother, who along with his father, had vanished fifteen years prior. “I guess I can do things like her, but I’m pretty sure my mother was far more advanced than I am,” he responded. He wasn’t aware that Niko had been paying that close of attention to him, but he figured it was anything but an unusual question coming from someone who probably didn’t have a group dedicated to serving him almost twenty-four seven.

Niko’s only dealings with Royalty had been when Theo made him watch that horribly long ceremony between Prince William and Lady Thalia on the news, but of course as far as they knew, he didn’t really have any powers except for, in Theo’s words, being dreamy beyond compare. In a way, he was relieved she now had BD Wong to occupy her. Still, he was more curious about the side of T’Chantem that didn’t rule a country or speak in diplomatic press conferences. The side that was like-- well-- them. “Do they ever let you out?” He asked, tilting his head while quirking an eyebrow.

“Let me out?” T’Chantem wasn’t completely sure what Niko meant, as it sounded as if he were being forced or confined to something he didn’t want. “My duties and Wakanda aren’t a prison. There’s a lot of expectations, but it’s nothing that I haven’t been prepared for, if that’s what you mean,” T’Chantem responded.

Niko worried that he’d said something offensive, Theo was going to KILL him. It would be the Ghost-Spider -Girl mask incident all over and he’d be stuck riding slow moving subways with people and their large newspapers for days. He held up his hands in a placating manner. “I meant get out to grab a burger, or to you know, stretch your legs? Start a thunderstorm? Run at top speed?”

T’Chantem noticed Niko’s attempt to explain himself. “Don’t worry, I’m not upset with you,” T’Chantem replied, reading Niko’s body language from his hand gestures. “I still have my freedoms, but perhaps we should just wait for your cousin…, but then again you are pretty fast,” T’Chantem answered, before proposing an idea of his own. “How about this. If you show me in person what you can do, I’ll show you what I can do,” T’Chantem bargained.

“Here? Now?” Niko said, bouncing on his toes, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

T’Chantem smirked at Niko’s visible display of excitement and anticipation. “Of course. Right here, right now. What’s stopping us?” he somewhat rhetorically inquired. T’Chantem’s thoughts momentarily flashed the image of the protesters he had seen when on his way to the Sanctum, but he wasn’t too concerned with what people would think or try to do. Niko was fast, fast enough to more than likely not be noticed by anyone, or at the very least be stopped by anyone looking to cause a skirmish.

Niko grinned like a cheshire cat, taking off the irritating tie and tossing it towards the steps. It caught on the doorknob which had chosen to reappear but he didn’t take notice. He stretched each arm in front of him, and in a blink was at the end of Bleecker Street, in another he was by the Arch in Washington Square, taking a selfie, before bringing himself back. “What have you got?” He called loudly from the end of the block, waiting to see what the crown Prince of Wakunda was bringing to the table.

Before T’Chantem even managed to take another breath, Niko had sped to the end of the street, and called back to him. “Very nice,” he called back, before the wind in the surrounding area began to pick up. The breeze, though strong, was not powerful enough to cause any damage, and the temperature in the air had began to climb to the point that it was noticeably warm against the skin. T’Chantem then titled his head back and looked into the sky, the wind stopping almost as quickly as it had came, taking with it the warmer temperature, and instead leaving behind an almost snapping cold. The clouds in the sky began to converge together, becoming almost uniform before turning a dark gray and settling lower into the atmosphere. It wasn’t much longer before the newly formed nimbostratus clouds began to produce snow, which fell gently to the ground in large flakes before melting away.

T’Chantem looked back over to Niko smiling, calling for the snow to become heavier before dissipating the newly accumulated weather.

Niko zipped back to enjoy the summer snow-storm, throwing his head back with a laugh.“That is-- amazing!” He said looking for a word. “Can you make a cyclone?”

T’Chantem laughed with joy at Niko’s satisfaction over his mutation, it was nice to feel appreciated again for abilities that he tried to use for the better, and that so closely connected him to his mother. At the question of creating a cyclone, T’Chantem couldn’t help but think back on all of the havoc and destruction he caused as a child. “Yes, I could, though I think here it would be referred to as a hurricane, more than likely,” he responded. Creating devastating weather events had been something he only did when he was young, inexperienced, and stressed, and his grandmother had taken the liberty to teach him how to control his power by remaining calm and level-headed. “Maybe one day we will show each other our true strength. Though hopefully it won’t have to come to that soon,” T’Chantem stated.

Niko gave a lopsided grin and shrugged. “We didn’t get weather like that up in Berlin. No hurricanes. No cyclones. I’ve never seen one. They a Cyclone at Coney Island in Brooklyn, but it turns out that’s just a roller coaster, and between you and I? It’s not all that fast. See? Cyclone. Now that’s a good hero name. Bonneville--” He sideways glanced again to the waiting car, but by then Theo had finally seen his text message or possibly had got tired of waiting because the door to the Sanctum was thrown open.

"Welcome to our humble home T'Chantem, may I still call you T'Chantem?" Theo asked.

Niko zipped inside and upstairs to change in a blink, leaving his tie on the doorknob like a college student with a ‘friend’ visiting.

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