Morning Cruise

Sam clenched his eyes harder when he heard the familiar sound of the garbage trucks reverse horn. "No no no no...", he murmured to himself as he pulled the covers over his head. Finally tired of hearing the constant loud buzz and clangs of trash cans being thrown about, he threw the covers off and got up to close his window. 7am. He barely slept 3 hours last night. He couldn't get yesterday out of his head. His entire life was shaken up seemingly instantly. Finding out he isn't alone in having abilities, his mother finally opening up and talking to him one on one. He felt absolutely restless so, after making himself some orange juice and toast, he dressed in a simple navy blue V neck and some old jeans, grabbed his bag and carried his road bike out the door.

The ride from his studio at the northwestern tip of Central Park to his favorite bodega on the south side of the borough usually only took him an hour, something that would take any other cyclist 2 and a half or 3. He had his dad's genes to thank for that. But he needed to push himself, he had too much energy and he decided to put everything he could into that ride. He thought he could power through all of these thoughts and clear his head and as a result, made the trip in 35 minutes flat. As his bike came to a natural stop in front of the bodega, he gripped the handles tight, trying to catch his breath. He dismounted and locked the bike against an old, half empty newspaper dispenser stand and walked inside.

"Good morning Sam! Don't usually see you here this early, how are you?" Ralph was a really nice man who ran the shop since Sam could remember. "I'm doing okay , how are you? I just decided take a ride and get breakfast at the best spot in town. Could I get a Ham and Swiss hoagie please? And a water." He placed $10 on the counter and took his change. Ralph began making his order and called out from behind the deli counter, "Did you get a load of the news last night? Crazy that people with abilities are back right?" Sam looked down and responded, "Yeah, its pretty wild. Never expexted it." After a few minutes, he stepped back outside and sat on the curb next to his bike and took a bite of his sandwich. He finally started to get answers to the questions that have bugged him most of his life, but they only lead to further questions. Exactly how many others could be out there? Are the Maximoff's really looking to form a team for peace? Would they even accept him? "She can do actual magic," he said quietly to himself, mouth half full. He swallowed and grabbed a newspaper from the stall. Scanning the front page, he saw a big, blurry picture of her brother. The headline read 'Speedster - Reassurance or Risk?'. "And he can move like the wind. Why would they need someone like me?". He couldn't finish the other half of his sandwich, he was too busy talking too himself.

His phone went off in his pocket, 'Incoming call - Mom'. "Hi, Mom." Sam tried to sound cheerful.

"Good morning, Sam. I'm surprised you're up this early. I didn't wake you, did I?"

"No you didn't, I just decided to take an early bike ride. Is everything okay?"

"Yes, everything is fine. I just thought I'd let you know that I'm working on getting more intel together for you. There's a little so far but if you'd rather wait til I have more information, we can talk later." He thought on it. He did need all the information he could get if he were to be walking into something dangerous. But he had a feeling, somewhere deep down, that the Maximoff's were really serious. And he needed to meet them now.

"No, we can meet now. Should I come to your office or should we meet somewhere?" She remarked that her office would be a bit more private, so he agreed. "Okay, I'll head out now. I sh-" he spotted a homeless man sitting across the street next to the entrance to the tattoo shop. "Uh should be able to be there in half an hour or so. Okay. Love you." He put his phone away and unlocked his bike. He rode over to the homeless man, "Good morning. Would you like some breakfast?" He extended his arm out and handed him his half sandwich. The man took a bite, smiled and thanked him. Sam smiled back and began his ride back up north.

He was close, he could feel it

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