Stay Safe

Gwen was in her room her head thunking on her workbench. The world was going to hell in a handbasket! She had a good thing going, swinging the city, going where she please and now! Now, look at the state of things!

Be careful what you wish for!

Gwen thuncked her head on the wooden workbench.

The Maxamoffs showed themselves to the world via the news.

Gwen thuncked her head on the wooden workbench.

Blurry pictures of her after the Hudson River incident where being circulated and speculated on.

Gwen thuncked her head on the wooden workbench. Twice.

She hadn’t been out since and she was just feeling so pent up and blue about it. It just wasn’t a good idea! Not with people looking for that kind stuff now. Her one encounter with Theo they only gave the street name! So even IF she decided to go … she only had a rough idea where. It also came across a bit stalkerish honestly.

“Gwen honey? You home?” MJ called.

Gwen groaned. “Yea Mom.” She replies loudly with a sigh.

“Can you come down?” MJ asked from the bottom of the stair

“Okay, Mom.” Gwen replied as she walked her death march down the stairs. ~Here it comes I just know it.~ She thought sitting heavily onto the couch.

“I just wanted to have a talk – “ MJ started. Gwen immediately stiffened and opened her mouth to say something but MJ hushed her. “- Calm down! Just a talk. I’m not accusing you of anything and I am not asking you to confirm or deny anything.” She assured her daughter sitting down next to her. “It’s just with all of … this coming out…” MJ said with a wave at the TV. I just want you to be careful. Extra careful.” She said a hand on her daughter's shoulder. “You don’t what it was like, before, how people acted … I just don’t want to see that directed to you.”

Gwen sighed and nodded her head. “I hear you Mom. I do. I’ll be careful, I promise. More careful.”

“Thank you.” MJ sight giving her daughter a kiss on the head.

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