Taken Home by Country Roads Pt.2

Traffic into NYC was terrible, as was to be expected. The pair hadn't said much beyond the occasional mention of some iconic New York monument. Erik was still uneasy about his mother's comment earlier. How could she say that while at the same time knowing everything that Thor did or rather, he clarified in his mind, didn't do? Add onto that he wasn't nearly as good at being a hero as Thor and it was just asking for trouble to throw him into the mix. He was confused as to what would have changed from the woman who hid his origin from him for so long to now trying to make him more like his father.

Into the city, Jane began pointing out locations that she was more familiar with from her last time in NYC, "Oh there's the Baxter building over there....and there's this really good breakfast spot but you have to get there early or else you're going to have to wait an hour just to get a coffee.... and of course Rockefeller, you know I kinda look like that Atlas statue now...." This continued as the pickup slowly made its way through the grid of the city, the dirt and grime of the road marking it out amongst the cleaner and sleeker vehicles of NYC.

Fortunately for the pair the hospital had a parking garage attached and after dropping Jane off at reception, Erik pulled the old truck into the garage. Finally being able to step out of the truck felt like being able to breathe again and Erik took the next minute or so to stretch everything out. He took off his hat and his pony tail to let his hair hang freely and looked out over the side of the parking structure. Maybe, just maybe, New York wouldn't be so ba-"Hey is that Thor?" someone shouted out from the street, Eric looked down to see a balding man pointed up at him jumping excitedly, "Hey! Hey Thor! You joining the new Avengers right?!"

For a brief moment Erik considered yelling something back, clarify that no sir I am not Thor, but nerves got the better of him and he quickly turned back into the garage, put his hat and glasses back on and remembered why he was so worried about coming to New York before, and especially now that these other supers were popping up. Any other city might have had the same problems because of the way he stood out, but NYC was superhero central, and most people here could probably recognize an Avenger easier than some family members. Once inside the hospital he kept a low profile, or as low as someone like him could and made his way to his mom's room. It had a small single bed and table with a decent view of the river, apparently this was one of their fancier rooms. Jane got up from unpacking her things and gave Erik a hug, "Ugh it feels good to be here finally right, or at least out of that car?" She let him go and made her way to the window as she adjusted a small potted plant. "I talked with Dr. Blake on the way in, he seems nice. Not the most reassuring thing when a doctor has a limp but his research is ahead of the rest of the field at the moment, well the field that us normal people are allowed to use at least." Erik moved about the room, looking everything over before focusing back on his mother, "Wow, a doctor you actually like, that's a first; he must have really impressed you." Jane frowned at her son and shook her head slightly,"He didn't impress me, his work did. Maybe if you're going to be hanging around here you can ask him more about it." Erik gave his mom a look of slight amusement and dismissal as he moved some jackets from her bag into her room storage, "We'll see I guess, so you really think this is the place. You think they can...?" He looked to her, he didn't need to say the rest, "Well I don't know if it's the best I can do, but I think it's the best bet I have given everything..." Erik felt the mood drop and his mother went back to her bags and began rummaging for something. "You know....I think your father had a place he could stay while he was here. The hospital has a deal with the local hotels, but in the long term you might want to...." Erik's feelings of morose melted quickly into confusion, "What, try and find his hideout? Did he even have a hideout? I thought he just went back to Asga...what are you looking for in there?" Erik moved to his mom's side now that it appeared she had a particular look of determination on her face rather than any feelings of remorse or sadness.

As he got close she pulled a looped strong with a smooth gray stone, or was it metal? from the bag, "Heeeree it is, sorry it was stuck in my.... nevermind, here take this." She turned and held out the small necklace to Erik. Erik looked at it but did not extend his hand, "What is it?" he asked, if he had been younger he might have given it a poke but he had learned the hard way to look and not touch when it came to mom and dad's things. Jane moved the gift closer to Erik's hands, "It's a gift I got from your father some time ago, he said it would protect me and you in times of trouble... I probably should have asked him whether that was literal or not but I wasn't really in a position to be asking questions....but I think you should take it." Erik looked down to the bit hanging on the stone again and thought he saw some kind of carving. His mind was slowly filling with possibilities but one question floated to the surface, "Why are you giving this to me now?" Jane's answer was quick, "Because I want you to have it" "And that's it?" "And it'll keep you safe.....I think." Erik gave his mother a look that she quickly recognized and she groaned softly, acknowledging that perhaps she taught him a bit too much caution, "Look I'm worried okay? It's a new big city for you and there's all this stuff happening with the heros and maybe your father protecting us makes me feel a bit better." Erik took another long look at the necklace, "Even after everything that happened? You really want to bring Asgard into this?" Jane's expression softened breifly as Erik furrowed his brow, but her response was sharp and reminded him again that he was still dealing with the same Jane Foster that had tried to smack Odin, "It's not Asgard it's your father and more importantly it's me now take the damn necklace, put it on, and figure out where you're going to be staying because I am not having my 18 year old son sleeping at the foot of my bed like he's still a 4 year old." As she said this she shoved the necklace against him as well as some pamphlets covered in sick people and their families. "And don't come back until it's all figured out, you have the credit card so you'll be fine. I'm not about to keel over as soon as you turn around." For a moment Erik was shocked, he slowly slipped the necklace over his head and it fall neatly below his shirt. With his metaphorical tail between his legs he finally mustered, "Alright then...I guess I'm on my way...." As he turned to leave his mom called out sweetly, "Be careful honey" and gave him a smile to show she didn't mean any vitriol in her actions. Erik wasn't so sure about that but he made his way back to the parking garage, doing his best to avoid the eyes of the patients and doctors. He filled a small overnight bag's worth of clothes and supplies into a gym bag, ties his hair up quickly threw his hat back over it so that hopefully he look closer to a hipster than an Asgardian, placed headphones in his ears, and slowly made his way into the streets of NYC.

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