No Good Deed

((A joint post between Sam (Paladin_IPG) and Niko (Blitzen) ))

Once outside the Watson-Parker residence, Niko’s mood brightened and he bounced on his toes. “Well -- there was no security called, no one cried or was kidnapped, so I think it went well.”

Sam bent down to unlock his bike as he responded, “Yes, I guess it did. It could have went way better though. And in a perfect world, Gwen would be leaving with us. But we at least got the point across.” He stood back up and mounted the bike.

“In a perfect world, she wouldn’t need to.” Niko shrugged.

Sam sighed, “I suppose.” He checked his phone to ensure he didn’t miss any messages, “So what do we do until the others get back from Stark tower? I don’t have to call and report in to my mother until tonight so we have plenty of time to kill.”

“I’m not allowed to make the news,” Niko complained, “otherwise you could show me what you can do besides put an impressive amount of weight on a bar.”

“Oh you caught that, huh?” Sam replied, chuckling. “Yeah, I had JUST beaten my record when you two rang the buzzer at my place. And then, you know, the awkward stuff with my mom happened. Which reminds me, I don’t think I actually turned my TV off.” He mauled over the thought for a moment. “Hmm. Oh well, it’s muted anyway, no harm.” Sam’s eyes shot open at a revelation, “OH! Oh god, listen, I’m sorry about earlier, giving Mrs. Watson your file along with mine. It’s just….we need her on our side. This is a delicate situation and we need her to trust us. And I thought that would be the best way. It was a spur of the moment thought I had as we walked up the stairs but I should have checked with you first. I’m really sorry.”

Niko waved it off. “I do things spur of the moment all the time and I’m sure you did the right thing. I don’t know how much information SHIELD could have anyway.“ He hoped it involved his abs somehow. “I do find it a little funny that so far our biggest obstacle hasn’t been financial backing or locating other enhanced, it’s been mothers.” He chuckled and sped up walking slightly, but Sam wasn’t showing any signs of struggling to keep up.

“Wow. You are oddly right about that.” Sam began to laugh. It was a strange feeling, how quickly and almost smoothly, everything had come together in such a short time. “What about your mom? She had anything to say about all of this?” Sam asked, pedaling down the street, Niko easily keeping pace.

“No,” he chuckled again. “I don’t know her. She ‘poofed’ long before the Poof, so she’s okay with it. It’s just been me and Theo since everyone vanished. We were lucky that --” the sound of an alarm bell pricked his ears and caught his attention, close, maybe a few blocks away.

“Do you hear that?!” Sam came to a quick full stop on his bike, trying to hear the faint sound of screams, better.

Niko tilted his head and nodded in response, looking to Sam to levy the situation. “We’re not supposed to make the national news.” He took a deep breath, knowing full well they were likely about to make the national news.

Sam jumped off his bike and threw it between two twin rose bushes in front of an old victorian brownstone, not bothering to take the time to chain it up against the iron fence surrounding the property. “Seriously? Come on!” he yelled, and booked it full speed down the street, towards the shouts. They made it a block up to the next intersection before they could hear the commotion much more clearly. There were orders being shouted as the pair drew closer; “Give me the damn keys! I said now!” Sam silently pointed towards an alleyway across the street they could use to advance. They made their way down the alley, doing their best to use the dumpsters and trash piles as cover to stay out of sight.

For the most part, Niko followed Sam’s lead, zipping between barriers, stopping short behind some trash cans and deftly stopping a lid from flying down the street. The filled plastic receptacles rocked slightly from the nearby inertia, but it did give them a better vantage point.

There were two uniformed men with jackets reading “Revere” - the same name as the armored car company kneeling on the sidewalk at gunpoint, and a second gunman was trying to coax the driver - still in the car - into giving up the keys. A third man in a ski mask was loading two canvas bags from the front of the department store into the truck. “Let’s go! Give me the damn keys now or we we paint the building with their brains!”

Sam scanned the situation and turned to Niko, “How many seconds will it take for you to circle around the block and get to the vehicle from the north?”

“Shorter than it took you to say that sentence.” Niko replied. “Why? What’s the plan?”

“Count to 3 and get to the vehicle from the north, I’ll provide a distraction.” Sam then sprinted to the other side of the street, sliding into cover behind a public mailbox on the corner.

“One Mississippi, two Mississippi,” before Niko hit three, the driver had opened the door to the truck, prompting the masked thug to call out “shoot them.” Niko’s eyes went wide and everything for him slowed down. He saw the muzzle flash from the AK-47, the heavily armed thug opened fire on the two guards kneeling on the ground. “Change of plans, three Mississippi! !” Niko told himself. In less than a blink he was shoving the two guards by the shoulders out of the line of fire, the force of his inertia knocking both them tumbling ass over elbow. Niko swore as the man with the semi-auto swung the gun in his direction. Bullets ripped into the brick wall inches behind him as he skirted past.

Sam soaked it all in a fraction of a moment and sprinted towards the the last armed man, who was aiming his pistol near the drivers head. He slid his keys out of his pocket and threw them at the tip of the pistol's muzzle. The gun went off and the bullet sunk into the floor of the drivers seat. Sam grunted as he full charged into the gunman and bashed him into the inside of the driver door. The gunman dropped to the concrete, motionless. He disarmed the unconscious man and retrieved his keys. “Are you okay?” He asked the security guard. The man nodded and slowly stood up. As the guard stood up, a passing SUV - the driver panicked by the gunshots, swerved the wheel, careening towards Sam and the armored car driver. He grabbed the handle of the driver door and, with one mighty heave, pulled the door off the handle. He turned it and used it as a makeshift shield and took the brunt of the hit as his body pushed the driver back into the cab.

Niko baseball slid back behind the crashing SUV, still evading the AK-47. Sam pointed towards the front of the car and Niko nodded even though he wasn’t entirely sure of the plan itself. As Sam stepped around the back of the Armored car, the thug swung his AK towards Sam and fired.

Niko caught his breath for a split second, before sprinting the length of the vehicle, up and over the crashed SUV and back at the gunman. He knew the slower the world seemed, the faster he was running, but even at breakneck speed the gunman got off a three round burst fire from the muzzle of the gun heading towards Sam, who deflected the projectiles with the armored door he was holding. In a single motion Niko ripped the AK from the man’s grip and one-hand swung it around to uppercut him with the stock end of the weapon. The force of inertia sent the assailant sailing back, skidding along the pavement before hitting into the brickwall.

The last of the would-be assailants had locked himself in the ‘vault’ of the truck, the very back of the armored car. Sam called out to the man in the front cab.

“Are you okay in there, sir?”

“What the hell was that?!” The man called out. Sam used the door shield to push the SUV out of its pinned position. Dropping the door, he handed the guard the assailant's pistol, “Call for backup and wait here.”

Niko held the AK-47 at his side and jogged back around to meet up with Sam. On the ground were the two uniformed guards saved as well as the assailant wearing his own uniform of sorts. Niko nodded to the rear of the truck. “What about the last one?” He asked.

Sam walked to the back of the truck, catching his breath. He grabbed the handle of the left side back door. “I'm going to open this. He'll probably fire a few reactionary rounds. After the first burst, run in and disarm him. Ready?” ]Niko bounced on his toes, cracked his neck and nodded, leaning flush against the right side of the door. Sam gave a silent three count, and then ripped open the left door with a violent pull wrenched it open. Niko stayed prone against the right door as the bullets sailed passed. After the first round, he held the door handle and swung into the back of the truck feet first, moving quickly as soon as they hit the ground. He pushed the muzzle of the weapon to one side as the man fired again, so Niko hit the floor to avoid the ricochets. The assailant wasn’t as lucky, catching one of the stray bullets through the arm which sent the gun crashing to the ground. Without decent running momentum, Niko gave him an average cross hook and shook out his hand.

“You might want to surrender. My boy outside ripped the door off the hinge, and he benches 450.” Niko warned proudly as if this were somehow his accomplishment also. He shook out his hand again. “I imagine it would not end well for you.”

Sam used his belt to tie the hands of the unconscious man towards the front of the truck and dragged him to the back. He took a moment to scan their uniforms and took note of their insignia. Sam scanned around to make sure they had no backup incoming. He removed the remaining weapons and threw them in the front cab. “We're clear, we should go.”

“Roger that… Rogers.” Niko kidded. There were already crowds and cell phones, Theo was going to be ticked. I'm going to be riding the subway forever! He put his hand behind Sam’s head (to prevent whiplash. Whiplash) and zipped him back over to where he’d left his bicycle in a fraction of a second. Sam took a moment to catch his breath and looked back down the alley, no one was following.

“Thanks. Good work back there.” Sam pulled his bike out from the bush and remounted it. “Shame about that belt though, I really liked it. We should really get off the street now. Think you can push me back?”

Niko grinned. “Watch the pedals” he warned, and a short blur later they were back at the sanctum. Sam had to close his eyes and slowly exhale to prevent himself from vomiting.

“ you. Mind uh getting the water from my bag for me?”

“It'll pass,” Niko replied as he stifled a laugh. He patted Sam on the back and handed over the water bottle. “Breathe through your nose.”

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