Sightseeing isn't a Race

OOC: A triple action Joint Post by Winters, Blitzen & Esimed

“Niko, slow down,” Theo complained to her cousin for the fourth time. “You’re taking all the fun out of it!” They came to an acute stop and the day’s discarded newspapers in the nearby bin rushed off on the current of air blown in by their arrival. Niko set his cousin down on the sidewalk and the two could not have looked more divergent in their adjustment to the superspeed. Niko looked the same as when they walked out the door, with wavy silver hair and a shirt a few sizes too small. His abs were not something he was willing to hide if he had any say in the matter. And he said a lot about them all the time. He loved zipping through the city at Mach 4 (Niko hadn’t confessed his actual top speed so Theo guessed) and of course, he was fine with it. He was literally built for this sort of thing; it was in his DNA. His ability to anticipate and respond to direction changes and sudden course corrections was equal to his penchant for speed. It kind of had to be or he’d have been in a real pickle. The wind and cold and dust whipped up by his supersonic speeds didn’t phase him as he seemed to have some innate protection against them. For that matter, he didn’t create a shockwave or sonic boom when traveling at supersonic speeds either. Except when he wanted to.

Poor Theo was not faring as well on this mad-dash expedition to catch as many sites in as little time as possible. She’d skipped breakfast upon Niko’s suggestion so she hadn’t thrown up all over him yet. And she was as accustomed to the rapid starts and stops as she’d ever be, having trained with her cousin her entire life. So it wasn’t as if she didn’t know what to expect and she’d been physically braced against injury through it all. But her body wasn’t built for these speeds and all she could see was absolutely nothing. Nothing distinct; it was all a blur as they’d zipped along at four times the speed of sound. Niko stopped at each site, sure, but by the time she gathered her bearings, he was off again on their ludicrous tour. He had no patience for things.

Theo dusted herself off and caught her cousin trying his best to suppress a snicker at her expense. “What’s so funny? Why are you…..” Theo looked past him to her reflection in a plate glass window and visibly deflated just a tad. She cocked her hip out with a sigh and flipped him the bird. Her once luxurious hair looked like a rat’s nest and her careful preparations before they left the Sanctum that morning now felt like a silly waste of time. She was tired of lugging around a bag with snacks and a stupid selfie stick. Why hadn’t Niko talked her out of doing the whole tourist bit? He had certainly tried, but why hadn’t he tried harder?

“That’s it, we’re walking the rest of the day. And don’t say a word! I’m never wearing a safety helmet just so you can whisk me around Manhattan at your ridiculous super speeds.” She took out two sandwiches and chucked them at Niko. “Eat one; mine has pickles.”

As they walked up 8th street Theo casually said farewell to most of her gear, giving it away to vagrants as if the derelict have much use for a selfie stick. The insulated knapsack with a Captain America motif was probably worth some money, but it deserved a new home as well. The plans she and Niko had for the next leg of their mission would require significant resources, not the pocket change she could pull in from a collectible. She hadn’t quite worked out how they’d accrue those resources, but something would come to her. Something legal. At least they were saving on a hotel by staying at the Sanctum Sanctorum on Bleecker Street. Niko wasn’t too thrilled about the place, but Theo loved it. Clearly, it was imbued with magic of its own and it felt quite welcoming to her. She had to admit the building’s level of anticipatory responsiveness didn’t seem to extend to Niko. The Sanctum tolerated Niko, but it practically doted on Theo. So yeah, she was loving it.


Gwen whoop and she sailed in the air in her semi-transparent state. Okay, this was the best part, swinging in the city getting the best views she doubted anyone could get … legally that is. For the moment thought the Scarlet Spider … trademark pending … was embracing the joy of being mutant. In this day an age mutants or really any super-powered being had become … let's face it endangered. So for this wannabe, it was the best way to deal with the looming idea that in the city that never sleeps she was …. NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Gwen swung back and forth stunned as something? Someone? Blurred down 8th ave! BLURRED. Like genuine superspeed. Straight out of the history books and archives - superspeed. Gwen kicked her leg trying to get a bit of momentum and started to swing down 8th avenue as the speedster streaked further away. Sure she was picking up speed as she struggled to push herself to go faster but there was no keeping up with the sheer speed the ...Guy? Girl? Thing? Who cared that was DEFINITELY another mutant … blatantly showing off their power to the public? Was that a good thing? The question raced through the young spiderling’s mind faster than the speedster but one fact remained. She had to find him first because whoever it was was long gone.

It wasn't long before Gwen was long outpaced and the speedster disappeared. For a moment at least; the night was young and given how showy a speedsters power was she was sure he would pop up again! Either way, her arms were KILLING her! She perched herself high on the side of a building to catch her breath. Gwen dug in her shirt to fish out her phone … yep … videos were already popping up on the internet. The news was going to blow up tomorrow that was for sure. She jammed the phone back into the safety of her shirt. Gwen huffed. She wasn’t sure what to do next. The speedster could be anywhere by now … he was a speedster after all. The Scarlet Spider looked toward the greenery of Central Park.

“No, that's stupid; why would a speedster go into Central Park?” She scoffed at the idea. “Unless he’s a tourist…” She said to herself seriously reconsidering the idea. The Spider-Man wannabee paced back and forth on the side of the building debating the idea. “Ah hell with it. I’ll be quick … then head home … yea … whoever it was is probably long gone anyway.” Gwen reasoned leaping into the park.

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