Do you Want to be a Hero or not? Pt 2

OOC: Joint Post between Winters & Megumichi

“I’m not!” Gwen protested leaning back because DAMN that girl was tall! “Look I’m not pretending to know anything here! I just found TODAY who my dad was … who he really was! After being outed to my mom about my nightly excursion.” The girl shot back. “So it’s been a hell of an afternoon for me.” She admitted. “So you do you and if defying the shadow of your pops is being in a dark room all day playing games … more power to you. If you want to out and out surpass him feel free to join me when I call Theo for a portal back to the Sanctum.” It was time for this chick to put up or shut up. Gwen couldn’t MAKE her want to be a Hero.

Ah, and there goes any of her likability. Serves her right for trying to open up about her feelings to anyone instead of just yelling in their face. Hell, why even try at all when she obviously couldn’t be acceptable without stuffing sugar into her bloodstream? She was gonna pass on this girl: she’d fallen into the exact same trap as those idiots. Trying to give motivational speeches. Those things were the worst, and they hurt her feelings. Cause they never got over their impression that she could be anything more than a hikikomori. Geez, if it wasn’t one side of the brain, it was the other that drooped with disappointment. Thanks for pissing all over her with her denial Gwen.

“Wow, what an amazing speech. Go fuck yourself. I’ll send bills for this door.” She swivelled back around and went right back to her computer, pondering what therapeutic porn she’d require after all this crap. Furthermore, Pornhub or Hentaihaven? These were the questions that needed answering people. Not “was she just stupid and heartless”. It wasn’t difficult to affirm that statement by simply taking a look at her. Sure, it was hurtful to be called a dick, but it hurt even more to see people slip around the problem. Just admit that she was a failure who’d never amount to anything and there’d be no more bad blood. For the love of god, they were all the same.

“I gave a speech?” Gwen said a first impressed. Yay! My first speech. Then she was told to go fuck herself. Yay? My first fail? Crap. She hoped Theo wouldn’ be upset at her failure. Or was that the point?

“So I’m going with resounding ‘no’.” Gwen nodded. The problem was she was a kid herself who hero and idealism was totally opposite of Clarisse. The fact was she had no clue what the girl was capable up just that Theo sent her to try her hand at recruiting her. Beyond that, she knew nothing. Gwen trusted Theo that Clarisse was what the team needed. It was all very simple to the young 15-year-old. It was clear though even to her she was wrestling with bigger stuff that Gwen didn't know how to address. Their problems couldn’t be any more different so it was hard for her to see what Clarisse needed. Gwen dug around for the phone.

“Is there like a spot where the signal is good.” She asked clearing her throat. She was clearly at this point feeling like she was one of those young pests now. What could she say? Right now Clarisse knew more about Gwen and Gwen knew about Clarisse. She was a tall, recluses who love video games and lived in hatred of the expectations put on her based on her father. Gwen was a 15-year-old mutant who by some fate ended up nearly being a carbon copy of her own father. Weird how that worked out. The point being the kid got the hint. Green Giant didn’t want in, she was opposite of in.

Gwen couldn’t make her but she could respect her wishes. Hopefully, the others would too, two attempts where plenty.

“Great plan.” She remarked dryly, quietly vowing to buy a baseball bat for the next crazy who dropped into her living room. They were...different. She didn’t despise it, but using the same technique of criticizing her lifestyle over and over didn’t help their case. It just seemed like they were trying to twist one of her few hobbies into some kind of flaw; failing to realize that she wanted to take these games and improve them. She’d actually gotten pretty good with basic code, and kinda hoped that she could somehow find a coding tutor. They made fun of the fact that she only really cared about her mother, even though her view on the masses gave her no reason to feel sympathy towards them. They’d never really connected in the way that her and her Mom had. Sure, they argued. But she got the genuine impression that her Mom had just wanted things to go smoothly for her. Like she wanted her to be known as Clarisse Pots rather than the daughter of Ironman.

Oh great, the phone signal. It was pretty good up here considering the altitude, but she didn’t want to give this chick another window of time to hassle her. So she wasn’t gonna tell her that. “Try outside. Wouldn’t want Pepper to spot you~.” Ah, she’d love to see her Mom kick them out face first. In theory, maybe not so much in real life. Revenge fantasies usually differed from revenge realities. She...she wasn’t a good person. She was acutely aware of how little moral high ground she had over this girl. But she wasn’t some murderous psychopath who revelled in their pain either. Just kinda indifferent towards the plight of the weirdos’ pack.

“Uh-hu …” Gwen said walking back and fourth. You would think with ho much you pay you could get some damn signal in the city. “ … Oh!” She perked calling Theo.

“Hey, Theo! Can ya portal me to the Sanctum? Yea. No.” She answered childishly. “She said No. Pretty sure. Uh … she told me to fuck off … that’s NYC for No …” Gwen explained. “ … no I don’t think Sam would do any better. She said ‘No’ Theo I don’t think there is going to be any convincing her otherwise! I think she’s isn't interested, like, at all ...” She elaborated. “...I think she had serious daddy issues …” Gwen whispered.

Oh c’mon! She hated it when people didn’t just take her word for it. Made it way harder to just troll them and be done with it. Uttering an audible groan of disappointment, she slumped within her seat and clutched her snuggly duvet closer to her face, covering all but her forehead. God, she didn’t even want to hear the shittalking. She was all shittalked out for now. In fact, all she heard of the whispered conversation was “daddy issues”. Well, fuck her. She discovered her one and only weakness: her daddy issues. Raid boss time and GOOD GOD WHERE WAS SHE GOING WITH THIS? Her head was pretty thoroughly done with even trying to review her life choices.

“YEAH THEO!” she yelled in the hopes that she might hear her. “ALSO I HATE YOU! BYE!” That was about all she could come up with at this stage. God, maybe she’d skip the porn and just take a nap. Jehovah’s Witnesses weren’t as persistent as these assholes. What were the chances of a third rando popping up and shaking up her world, huh? Time to pretend that she had a spontaneous interest in baseball. Next time was their third strike. Hehe, she was already nailing the baseball jokes. There was no way she’d just have to share her concerns with Pepper about how she felt threatened by people porting in and out of her house when Pepper wasn’t even there to assist her.

“Yea if that doesn't sum it up I don’t know what does! Oh! Wow, that was quick!” Gwen said brightly the portal opening for her to step through. In the end, Gwen figured it wasn’t a bad thing. The girl clearly wasn’t interested and was pretty emphatic about it too. Gwen tried and failed she doubted anyone else was going to take a crack at it. At that point, it would just be plain harassment.

“Bye!” Gwen hollered back politely before stepping through the portal and it slammed shut.

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