The More You Know, The Less You Know You Know

Kristoff had spent the last few hours rearranging all the stuff in the lab. He was very particular about his tool set up when working, and anything even an inch out of place drove him insane. His nap was successful, ostensibly he'd be able to run for another 48 hours without having to sleep again. That was one of the few benefits of the helmet, it allowed him to overcome natural fatigue from staying awake too long. Though the consequences were directly proportional, given that the more he stayed awake the more he'd have to sleep when the time came. Which could be inconvenient, especially if you lose track of time and just pass out on the floor.

At the moment Kris was using the lab's soldering bench to fix the flight module on the suit. Unlike his father, he didn't possess the telekinetic ability to fly. Well
.. maybe he did. He couldn't access it though. Magic was way too hard on him. Just the few jumps he made to get here were excruciating, and that would be nothing compared to maintaining his entire body in a flight pattern. Nope, no can do. Kristoff had to cheat. His suit had the ability to charge kinetically so as he flew it charged up and expelled the excess as electricity. This was what provided his propulsion, and also made it difficult to change direction or stop.

As the electricity propelled him forward, it pushed against electrons in the air, so logically the way to stop or turn would be to pull against them. He hadn't figured that out yet, so at the moment he was stuck using static discharge to push to lose momentum, but that caused him to just plummet from the sky like back in New Jersey. Luckily the armor absorbed fall damage, but hitting the ground from 8,000ft in the air is going leave a mark regardless. Taking off was a problem too, as his discharge didn't really allow for any degree of levitation. He sort of just launched upward and then kicked off in the direction he wanted to go. That was all well and good for a quick escape, but it was rather abrasive and unlikely to be appreciated by his, hopefully, new compatriots.

Finally he managed to adjust the polarizer in his armor, allowing him to alter the magnetic field of his electricity at the speed of though. In theory this would allow him to have complete control over the flight module. By reversing the magnetic pole of the discharge, the electrical field will pull on nearby electrons instead of pushing. The key to this was reaction time though, if he wanted to turn at a 90° he would have to time it just right to prevent swinging it any obstructions or just spiraling off into oblivion.

"Okay, let's test you out..." Kris stepped into the armor, and it responded accordingly. The shoulder plates came down, then the breastplate, followed by his cuisses sealing around his legs. The armor was heavy, but when wearing it it felt virtually weightless. The armor augmented Kristoff's natural strength so he could bear the load, but that would be a science lesson for another time. Kris activated the flight module, which he did with his mind as the helmet received thought commands, pretty nifty. He altered the pole, then willed himself up.

EUREKA! Slowly he began ascending into the air. He commanded the field to pull him forward, then backwards, then side to side... it was practically effortless. Now the tricky part... turning. The lab was big but not big enough to test out high speed turning... so that meant going outside. He decided to just try his luck in the garage, since it was pretty massive. 5,000sqft and 30 ft ceilings provided some wiggle room. Kristoff was still curious how Victor had managed to keep this away from the government's attention. A plausible explanation was that he'd just paid the zoning commission to look the other way as his doom bots constructed all this. Another possibility was that he simply repurposed a facility that was already here like a bio-tech lab. This garage was interesting, as it ascended to the parking garage above. So this place was being deliberately concealed regardless of where it had come from. Perhaps it was next on the destroy list... but for now he still wanted to make use of the tools so he'd be patient.

The floor and walls were solid concrete, creating a sense of unease in Kris. If this didn't work, he was gonna have to whip up some Oxycodone to deal with the aftermath. He floated over to the far side of the garage, giving him a couple hundred feet of distance from the west wall. He altered the pole and launched forward as fast as he could, then only milliseconds from impact he changed it again to pull and change direction... no dice.

He felt the charge yank him back, but only to choke slam him into the floor. The air rushed out of his lungs as he impacted that concrete he was so weary of. Well... one win was good enough for the day. What he needed was a good coder to solve this. Kristoff was an insanely brilliant scientist, understanding pretty much every field intuitively. Math was easy, physics was easy, chemistry was easy, coding was easy... but putting them all together wasn't easy. If he could get help from someone who knew how to code C++, he might be able to run a program in the armor to strengthen the mental command system. It seemed like the armor was incapable of distinguishing which part of the field was supposed to pull, which Kris immediately attributed to the telepathic helmet. Instead of pulling to the right or left the polar field pulled in the opposite direction he was going, which just reversed all that inertia. Unpleasant. If he could command the field in sectors, he would be able to pull on one side, push on the other and turn gracefully. Or spiral into oblivion. It was 50/50 at this point.

Kris finally decided it was time to stand up, though his head was still screaming from that WWE finishing move. He hobbled back to the lab and stepped out of the armor, then took a seat at his computer. He hadn't accessed the internet in quite a long time, and most everything was different. Regardless he still needed information. He'd spent a lot of time researching the Maximoffs, though what he found were just the same articles, copy-pasted on different news sources. Nothing of value. No addresses, no known affiliates. He found YouTube video of an armored truck robbery which had been thwarted, some footage of Niko zipping through town, a female vigilante, etc. Hours of searching, for no tenable results.

While watching an interview between Bailey Bishop and Theodosia, Kris noted something on Theo's fingers... a ring. Where had he seen that before? Well he hadn't, his father had. That ring belonged to the grand sorcerer Stephen Strange, or Dr. Strange as they called him. So why did Theo have it? Unless... Strange was her father. That made sense, but at this point it was just speculation. However, if his hunch were correct then the most likely place to find the new Avenger's would be the Sanctum Sanctorum, but Kristoff wasn't exactly sure where that was. Funny how his father's knowledge was selective like that.

"Computer, locate the Sanctum Sanctorum" Kristoff leaned back in his chair to process the search results. The screen was practically a zooming blur, indiscernible to the average bear... or person. Kristoff, however, could read every word just as fast as they appeared on screen. He could only keep it up for a few more minutes, as he was already beginning to develop a migraine. Despite the massive amounts of information he just reviewed, the only semblance of an address he could find was "Bleecker St." which was all but useless. Kris sighed, having just been blocked twice in the last 30 minutes after what he'd assumed was a breakthrough. Now wasn't the time to be running off to unknown parts of the island on some wild goose chase. He still had an armor to mod.

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