Bring on the Thunder Pt.1

OOC: This is a joint post between Blitzen and Turk

Niko knew Theo probably fell asleep the moment she hit the pillow. The sunglasses he’d gotten for her ‘disguise’ were still perched on her head and though he’d never tell her - she was snoring like a freight train. In general magic was taxing for her, so between all the portal use, and then the whole ‘incident’ with Foster Thorson, which he was still chastising himself for not stopping, she was down for the count. But he also knew his cousin. If she had an idea in her head, there was little he or anyone could do to persuade her differently.

“Most importantly - you look out for Theo.” His father’s words weighed heavily on him, but never more so than lately. There were more words than just that, but those were the ones he didn’t mind remembering. He gingerly took off the sunglasses from her head and placed them on the nightstand, then gently covered her with a throw from the foot of her bed and tiptoed from the room. With a final look back he softly closed the door. He was expecting a trek through the dining room, but instead he near crashed into Bob in the hallway, carrying a tray with foul smelling herbal tea.

“Would you mind?” Bob chirped, motioning for the door.

“She’s sleeping.” Niko objected.

“It’s all right, I’ll just leave this by her nightstand then in case she wakes up. With all that magic, girl’s gonna need her rest. The more magic she uses--”

“I know how it works,” Niko interrupted sharply, suddenly irked that this interloper thought he had some sort of insider knowledge. Yes, it was great. The Sanctum doted on her, now Bob Dylan was doing the same; In a way he was thankful but in another way, displaced, and his fuse was already short. “I said she’s sleeping.”

“Birdy didn’t mean any offense,” Bob said in a tone which indicated he himself was obviously very offended.

“Well, right now Birdy needs to back off.” Niko grumbled under his breath

“Birdy has never -- I can’t believe -- Have you stopped to -- Oh Birdy can’t even.”

Niko rolled his eyes at the dramatics as Bob Dylan turned to bring the tray back to the kitchen. This will probably warrant an apology come morning. Sure they stopped an armored car robbery for a hot minute, but most of the day was spent sitting and talking. There was steam that needed burning off.

The sun had just sunk behind the tall buildings on Manhattan’s West side, but being summer it was still early, darkness hadn’t fully set in - far too early to sleep, no matter how early princes and progenies were supposed to show up. He thought about checking on Ghost Spider Girl, but the last time he brought her out in the city there was whining about buses and near drowning. He crossed one shoulder in front of him then the other, and bounced on his toes. There were crowds of people, but what was it son of Thor said? Out and proud. His mood instantly brightened once away from the Sanctum. Slow jogging to the bodega, he saw someone had already gave Carl a sandwich, so he zipped up towards the subway.

Erik stepped out of the cab at the corner of Bleecker and Bowery. The night crowd gathered around restaurants, bars and ice cream shops. His driver was nice enough to help him get his bags out of the back and after handling the payment Erik watched as the cab disappeared into the evening traffic. He looked around at the buildings, hopeful for a moment that he might see the sanctum right out the gate, but he wasn't going to be so lucky. He lifted his bag over his shoulder and took a slow walk up the street, occasionally stopping to see if maybe he would have another moment of recollection with any of the buildings.

He was making some good progress down the quieter part of the street when as he looked over an older building a strong breeze blew down and nearly took his hat off.

Was that Thorson? Niko had hit the Lafayette station, but instead of heading down the stairwell, he slid to a stop and changed direction back. He zigged between traffic and skidded to a halt by the golden-haired boy.

“Foster Thorson!” Niko called. “We were hoping you’d show.”

Erik quickly tensed as Niko flickered into sight before him. Seeing him did give him a small bit of ease, “Oh yeah...sorry about the wait, I was kinda...dealing with some stuff.” His eyes went to the street, “Buuut I figured I'd at least give you guys a proper I need somewhere to stay.”

“Like being asked to save the world? I get it, it’s a lot. Or the whole --” He put a finger to the temple of his head. “You’re welcome to stay at the Sanctum, but I warn you, it’s kind of a dick.”

“ know it's funny I think I've heard you say that before but...I'm not actually certain that it's me remembering it.” Erik shook his head, as he now looked Niko more in the eye and gave a weak smile.

Niko rubbed the back of his neck. “The not-your memories, that should stop soonish. Probably. I think it helps if you watch a lot of TV. I heard it rots your brain. But yeah, I have maybe said it once before. Or twice. Let’s get you settled then, you need help carrying anything?”

“Oh no, I'm fine.” Erik readjusted the bag on his shoulders and gave a quick adjustment of his grip on the second large one, “Thank you for offering though. How far is it to the Sanctum? I didn't exactly manage to get an address out of you two.”

“177A. I could get you there in a blink, but I think you probably had enough of other people’s powers for one day. Sanctum’s way back that way.” He nodded his head towards up the street, and started to walk, slow motion, keeping step with the younger man. “I know you’re new to the city, but how do you feel about upstate?”

“If you really need my help...I guess I can try to be of use.” Erik shrugged

“Why don’t you think you’ll be of use? You’re the son of a Demi-God. I saw what you could do on the court -- that shit was--”

“Dangerous and irresponsible, but we'll be upstate and out from people right? So that should be...better.” Erik's response somehow was fast enough to cut the speedster off.

“I was gonna say awesome, but yeah, I don’t think they’ll be many people besides us. Sam’s mom gave him the location to a compound our parents used to use. And you’ve seen what Theo saw, if even half the stuff comes true? Then we do need your help.”

“I don't know if that's much better but I see your point.” Erik looked up the street, “Look if you want to run up and let anyone who needs to know I'm coming that I'm coming I'd hate to slow you down.”

“Well, first, you couldn’t.” Niko claimed smugly. “And second, even if you are son of a god, I’m not running ahead to announce your arrival. His lordship, Thorson of Asgard.” He snickered, having put on a haughty accent. “Besides, Theo’s already sleeping. Ghost Spider Girl-- she may be up. Sam Rogers and T’Chantem will be over at 6 tomorrow, the only one I have to let know you’re coming would be the sanctum itself.”

“I didn't mean it like that, I just figured… nevermind, we'd better get back then. It's an early start for..” a puzzled look grew on Erik's face, “sorry the sanctum needs to know? I thought it was a building….”

“It’s more an entity than it is a building. I think it was built on an Indian burial ground, but I may be getting it confused with the house from Poltergeist. It involves magic, you know, the rooms move. The stairs move. It has its own personality and it’s hard to explain, but you’ll see for yourself. Personally I’m hoping the upstate facility works out.” Niko nodded his head to the building in front of him.

Erik stared up at the building and took a long breath. This was it then, the first step. He looked over every detail and felt the right sense of deja vu to confirm it. The door swung inward when Erik’s foot hit the first step, though no one was there to open it.

“Sure, him you like?” Niko complained.

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