Bring on the Thunder Pt.2

OOC: This is a joint post from Blitzen and Turk

Erik looked back, ignoring what might have been interpreted as an insult by a more prideful parent. “My mom mentioned Thor knew about this place, so it's probably why it's doing….all that.” He gestured up to the door. “I guess we should get in then, if you don't mind me there a shower? I'm definitely going to need one in the morning.”

“It’s where we live. Of course it has showers, and a kitchen and I couldn’t tell you how many bedrooms.” Niko zipped past him, past the picture with the snow, before the house could lock him out. “Are you hungry? Need anything? Bob made tea- it’s probably still hot.”

Erik crossed the threshold slowly, taking in every detail and staring extensively at the snow painting. Alright definitely magic here, he thought to himself. He looked back to Niko, “I mean I don't really drink tea but, and I wouldn’t want to make anyone cook on my behalf, if it’s alright I can fix myself something in the kitchen.” He took his bags and dropped them down in the center of the entryway. “I mean if it’s going to be home the least I could do is get used to the kitchen.”

“Last I saw it was on the second floor.” Niko told him, looking both ways and contemplating. “Let’s try…. This way.” He led the way through the dining room with the creepy portrait to the sitting room, and at the bottom of a small stairway, he found the kitchen. “Help yourself to anything.” He offered. “Or I can always make a quick run and be back before you notice.”

Making a special note of each room and doing his best to try and remember the house structure; which to anyone with even a small amount of experience with the sanctum would know is a fruitless effort, Erik followed quickly after Niko. Entering the kitchen proper, he took a moment to examine the cupboards. “You know what, I’ve dealt with significantly worse provisions before. I’ll probably just fix myself a pb&j and be done with it. You want one? It’s the least I can do for the escort and my royal introduction.”

“I never say no to a sandwich. Just no pickles. Actually --” In a blink, there was a sandwich on the counter, Niko was back sitting at the island having taken a bit of his. “Too slow,” He said through a mouthful of peanut butter.

Erik looked down at the sandwich and had a gave a small smile, “I guess so, guess I should work on the hospitality and speed.” He took a bite of the sandwich and sat down on the island. “So...I have to ask just because..well I feel like it’s going to come up sooner or later..why do you keep calling the sanctum a dick? Seems a nice enough place.”

Niko snarled his lip and popped a piece of crust in his mouth. “ Kitchen won’t be here tomorrow. It’ll be somewhere else. It likes Theo, so whatever room she wants to be in, she finds. You never know. It might take to you too.”

Erik laughed slightly at Niko’s explanation,”You know that actually worries me a little.”

“You’ll see." Niko smiled back, finishing his sandwich and zipping back with two glasses of milk. “So if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with the hate you have for your skill set?” he asked, setting one down in front of Erik. Instantly the son of the demi god’s posture changed. He hunched over as he took the glass of milk. “Was it bad?”

“No it’s’s you’ve seen videos of Thor right? He’s going around smashing everything in his way and all that.” He postured with the glass as if to make a point as he waved his hands about.

Niko tilted his head with confusion, taking a sip from his glass. “I’ve seen him saving people. A lot of people. I mean, cities can be rebuilt, right? Look at New Novi Grad. He was a hero, not a sledge hammer.”

A laugh escaped from Erik’s mouth as he put his head down and took a swig of milk. “You sure? Mjolnir would probably beg to differ, and personally? I’d rather not be busy rebuilding cities when you can just maybe not be breaking everything down and not endanger people. I get it, Thor saved the day, but his power was in destruction and damage, and that was after something like...1500 years of training? I’m 18, I found out that he was my dad two years ago...I’m not there and right now all I am is a risk in places like this.” He paused slightly and held up the milk glass toward Niko, “I have to be, so careful, every second or else I mess everything up. I am trying really hard not to crush this right now, and I’ll be honest it’s really hard.”

“I get it. The way I see it, the best way -- the only way -- to get a grip on what you can do is use it till you get better at it. I didn’t like when Theo started with magic, but over time there were less mishaps. Control it so it doesn’t control you. Then maybe you won’t have to try as hard.”

“You say that like it’s so easy, but how do you train do get to the level that Thor was at? You have any spare buildings sitting around? I’ve never really had a chance to do a workout or anything but if you can find the weight I’d be more than happy to start” He put the glass down lightly on the counter.

“I’m not as fast as Quicksilver, but I still run. We’re not our parents. We might not have a spare building, but we do have the building, the one where the Avengers -- including Thor -- trained. So maybe tomorrow? You’ll find the weight and get your chance.”

“Well then, if my glass was still-” Erik looked down to see his cup of milk magically refilling and gave Niko a very puzzled and concerned look before slowly grabbing it and offering it up for a toast, “Here’s to tomorrow then, and to not destroying anything today.”

Niko held up his glass, which remained empty. “Really?” He said, looking up to the Sanctum walls. “I told you it was a dick.” He clinked the empty glass to Erik’s. Instantly both glasses shattered.

“Shit...shit sorry...that’s on me...shit, shit, shit” Erik began to try and sweep up the bits of glass into a makeshift pouch with his shirt and looking about somewhat desperately for paper towels.

Niko stifled a laugh, and had the rest of the mess cleaned up in a blink. “Spilled milk, no crying. And besides - maybe upstate we’ll find you some metal drinkware.” Leaving the kitchen, the open door across the hall was a room already containing Erik’s bags. Niko motioned to it with his thumb, and gave him half a smile. “Get some sleep Foster Thorson.” Noticing the pair of teenage eyes peering from the doorway down the hall he added, “You too, Ghost Spider Girl!” So much talking.

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