Princes and Progeny (Dawn- T'Chantem and Sam)

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The next morning T'Chantem arose before the sun to the congenial ring of a kalimba from an alarm he had set the night before. His eyes slowly fluttered open, and he stayed motionless in bed, listening as the music filled his room for just the few extra seconds he had to spare. Normally, he would have returned home by now, and would be awakening to a bed that was actually his own; but currently, his life had different plans for him, and one could not escape the grasp of their own destiny.

Finally making his way from being buried deep within the warmth of his blankets, he silenced the alarm from his phone before grabbing the stack of neatly piled clothes he had planned for the day. He had given himself an hour to both run through his morning routine, and arrive at the sanctum before five ante meridiem. Emerging from the bathroom, he checked his reflection in his room's floor length mirror, before heading out the door. He had arranged a driver to meet him exactly thirty-five minutes before his time of arrival to the sanctum, but before he could make his way out of the main lobby, he noticed that two of his guards had begun following him several feet behind. "Personal security won't be necessary today," he informed them over his shoulder. He was met with the response of one of his guards catching up to him, and physically blocking the path between him and the door.

"If you so command, My Prince. However, I suggest you be more careful when traveling alone than you have been as of late," the armored woman advised. She then reached into one of the folds of her armor and offered T'Chantem a metal cylinder that was no longer than several inches. With a small smile, T'Chantem accepted her offering, concealing it within his own clothing. He recognized the item as a condensed vibranium spear that would expand with the right movement of his hand and wrist, and it was only but one of the few weapons he currently carried. With his guards no longer behind him, T'Chantem exited his hotel and entered the back seat of his awaiting car. Without a word, the driver began to move them to his destination, and towards the start of his allies' plans. By the time his car had came to a halt in front of the sentient mansion, the remaining time that T’Chantem had to arrive before he left his hotel had passed. With a nod of gratitude towards his driver, T’Chantem exited his car and ascended the stone steps of the Sanctum. Upon his arrival, the door swung open, which he noted as a vast contrast to the reluctancy the Sanctum had shown the first time he had visited. Almost immediately the smell of freshly cooked food wafted across the air, leaving T’Chantem to assume that the pair of cousins were still getting prepared.


Sam got home close to 8pm and spent nearly 2 hours weight lifting and running on his treadmill. He showered, rested a bit and was up at 4am. He made a small plate of eggs and bacon, but could barely eat, he wasn’t hungry. There was only one thing he needed today, one thing he had his mind on; today’s mission. He took his time clearing out his bag of his usual carried items. Then Sam walked over to his fridge and grabbed both sides. He lifted it up slightly and moved it away from the way to reveal a small hole. He reached in and pulled a small trunk with a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo out, then put the fridge back. He placed the trunk on top of the dining table and opened it to reveal a small cache of tactical gear; a Beretta M9, an extendable police baton, survival knife, a bulletproof vest, a first aid kit and a chest harness.

Sam put the vest and harness on and loaded his pistol. He put the gun, clips, baton and knife in their holster spots on the harness and placed the first aid kit in his bag, along with the remaining files he had. Then he walked over to his closet and reached into the back for a small red box. He took out his dad’s navy blue jacket out and donned it. He looked at himself in the mirror to make sure the jacket fitt him alright. He couldn’t help but think back to the day the Exodus happened and he found his mother in tears, clutching this jacket after Steve disappeared.

“Okay. Today I start making you proud, Dad.”

He put on his bag, grabbed his bike and was out the door. He arrived in front of 177A just before 5:30am, dismounted and walked his bike through the door as it opened for him. “Thank you, house!” He put his bike against the wall and walked further into the house.

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