Confounded Compound - Part 2

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Niko blurred past him inside the compound, skidding to a stop to look around. Standing around was making him edgy, and there was an entire new building waiting to be rifled through.

Theo shook her head at Wanda’s brother’s son’s impatience. Things were getting jumbled in her head as if she was of two thoughts on everything. Those thoughts weren’t at odds with one another, but they weren’t entirely harmonious either. She felt like she was supposed to recognize this facility, but of course she shouldn’t as she’d never been here; hadn’t even known of its existence until somewhat recently.

“Well done, Thor, your son would be proud.” Theo patted Erik on the arm and moved inside the building. Niko was further ahead, looking around.

“Gwen?” Theo patted the air to her left then to her right then sighed and turned around to see Gwen still lurking by the door. “Gwen, what are you doing out there? Come in here and bring your big strong men.”

Sam looked at Gwen, “It’ll be okay, just stick close together.” He drew his pistol and stepped inside, following Theo.

“You know breaking the door down and opening it is the same … you know never mind.” Gwen huffed when it was clear no one was listening.

“There’s a pool!” Niko’s echoed voice called from deep inside the compound.

Theo walked confidently across the empty floor to the opposite wall. “Fan out, but watch where you step. Apparently there’s a pool.” She whipped off a dust covered sheet or linen tarp to reveal a pool table.

“Look beneath these coverings. There will be an access terminal of some sort. Right?” she asked Gwen.

“I think the terminals are downstairs in the sub basement … I don’t know if there is one on this floor. This place was heavily modified from when it was a warehouse and Stark sealed the blueprints so there might be a ton of nooks and crannies S.H.I.E.L.D isn’t aware of,” Gwen responded looking around the room. It was like walking through a piece of history; the place also showed its age with the layer of dust everywhere. To think 15 years ago the Avengers … the actual Avengers made this place their home.

Wandering in, Erik gazed around the room, a bit nervous. He was wary of any traps and something about this place gave him a feeling of unease, like he could feel something watching him.

Sam made his way up a small staircase, leading to a balcony overlooking the main room. He scanned the rusted walls and looked over the room for any crates or storage boxes. He gripped his gun tight, as he couldn’t shake the feeling that they were actively being watched.

After surveying the area of the abandoned compound, T'Chantem finally decided to follow suit of his allies, and headed inside. His eyes slowly scanned the interior of the building; it was obvious that the construction was designed and decorated to act as both a living area and a space where superheroes could plan and prepare. Curiosity grabbed at his mind, filling him with the desire to explore more of the facility, but he proceeded carefully. The wariness that had settled over most of the group had thickened the air, but as per usual the Maximoffs were the anomaly. "Gwen, didn't you mention security measures being activated? Can you tell if any silent alarms have been triggered? Any movement throughout the building other than us? It's odd that anything has yet to happen, unless the security measures are defective or more discreet than we thought," he stated.

“He’s right”, Sam called from the balcony. “We should have been swarmed the moment we opened that door.”

“Well … it’s looking good so far,” Gwen answered, monitoring her phone.
The pool lost Niko’s interest. It hadn’t been used in quite some time and even though the scent of chlorine still permeated the air, he wasn’t about to take a swim; It wasn’t like he was reckless. Niko sped off further into the compound, up the stairs and down a corridor, a small scale movie theater was the next thing that caught the speedster’s attention, which meant now when he got stuck watching Downton Abbey it would be on the big screen. A bit further from that another sign had him slide to a stop. “War room?” He said aloud. The glass was so heavily tinted, he couldn’t see inside, but the door itself wasn’t locked - whoever left the room did so in a hurry. In the center of the room was a humanoid looking projection. Niko poked at it with his hand, which disappeared into the humanoid’s chest. “Hey!” He called. “Check this shit out!” The table in front of him lit up like a Christmas tree and he ran his hand over it, a full scale topographical map appearing on the table-top monitor, like the largest tablet he’d ever seen.

Identity Unconfirmed.” The humanoid reported. Unauthorized personnel detected. Intruder alert. Deploying Defenses. Please surrender peacefully.

Niko’s eyebrows raised. “Uh-Oh.”

Gwen’s phone suddenly started flashing red as the security system was officially tripped. “Um … oh … INCOMING!!” Gwen shouted.

From somewhere beneath the main building the ground rumbled and a red light flashed in the war room as the door started to close. “Shit.” Niko repeated, easily escaping the room long before the door completely shut. He found himself facing off what looked almost like Iron Man, only completely bronze in color.

Please surrender peacefully.

“Murder-bot!” Niko called, skirting past it, causing it to shoot some sort of beam in his direction which he sidestepped. Nothing broke, but from the crackling sound, he assumed taser or electric, or some other reason to get the hell out of there.

Enhanced Detected. Please surrender peacefully.” It repeated, seconds later changing up the weapon to one deploying a small canister that instantly began to smoke.

Niko held his breath and blurred back past the murderbot, knocking it to its side in his wake. He bounced on his toes, assessing the situation. Down the hall with the screening room, two more bots were heading his way. From the corridor with the lap pool, smaller box shaped robots on treads were rolling out. “Fuck your parade, Bailey Bishop,” he said under his breath. Zipping back down the pool corridor towards Theo and the others, he echoed Ghost Spider Girl’s words. “INCOMING! We should be Outgoing!”

“Nonsense, we only just arrived. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation for the base activation of defensive measures. I’ll go speak with them and see about sorting it out. Which way, Niko?” Theo made a dramatic swirl and wandered off trailing her cape. Such a badass cape.

“Speak with who, Miskja, they’re robots. They say -- “

Enhanced Detected. Please surrender peacefully.
Niko stepped in front of his cousin as the humanoid robot approached. “That.”

Taking the calls to action quite literally, Erik tried to ready himself for a fight. He didn’t know exactly HOW he should ready himself but he lowered himself into a prepared stance and looked over the robots that had entered the room. They looked fairly advanced; definitely made by Ironman and definitely not happy they were there. As far as Erik was concerned Niko’s plan to get out sounded like the best one at the moment and he began backing up to be closer to Gwen and T’Chantem by the door. His head shifted between the others and the robot, waiting for any sort of plan to be established.

“Theo!” Gwen went to chase after her. “There isn’t going to be any reasoning with them; they have their programing so we either leave the perimeter and wait for the security to reset or we find the central control and try to shut it down. Talking to them though … not on the table I assure you!” She said trying to reason with their fearless if not slightly unbalanced leader.

Gwen froze as one landed in from of her, Theo and now Niko. “We come in peace!” Gwen squeaked raising both hands up in the air.

“We arrive during the mire of distorted conciliation, but we seek peace,” Theo confirmed to the robot.

"I'm afraid we're past trying to escape now," T'Chantem informed Erik, placing a hand behind his back to prevent the demi-god from backing up any further. T'Chantem then reached into the waistband between his pants and belt under his shirt, from which he produced a silver, vibranium dagger who's hilt was several inches long. With a quick thrust of his arm, he threw it towards the robot which had landed in front of Gwen, precisely removing its head from the remainder of its copper-colored metallic body. The action only managed to momentarily subdue the physical AI, before it geared for what could only be assumed to be a continuation of its assault. The android was too far away for T'Chantem to reach before it made its next move, but he sprinted towards the others, attempting to cover as much distance between them in as little time as possible.

“So this is a fight?” Niko asked, looking around for confirmation. “We’re fighting, yes?” Niko’s eyes darted back to Theo, T’Chantem, and up to Sam on the stairwell, the raised pistol in the latter’s hand convincing him that they weren’t going with the surrender. Flickering his eyes back to meet Theo’s briefly, he turned and accelerated up the hallway. Two small murder-bots on treads turned weapons towards him in slow motion, but they were caught in the whirlwind wake of the high velocity speedster. At the end of the hallway, he launched an uppercut connecting to the chin of the bronze humanoid robot, the speed propelling the android backwards through a large glass window into what looked like it could be an office. Satisfied, he took a minute to catch his breath, but looking back towards Theo and the others, there were plenty more where that one had come from, and they were quickly closing in on his team.

Gwen smacked the big ol’ red button that was her belt buckle. She smacked it … then smacked it again before she went transparent and leapt up to the ceiling. She shot webbing to T’Chantem’s thrown dagger and jerked the weapon in his general direction. The knife flew wide, missed T’Chantem entirely, embedding itself in the wall a few feet from him. God knows her aim needed practice. “Sorry!” Gwen chirped, wall crawling to hopefully find a better position.

T'Chantem ignored Gwen's apology, his focus shifted mostly to the growing number of androids that had began to swarm the building. He darted after his dagger, yanking it from the wall as the excess webbing fell to the floor. An electric crack shattered past him as he leapt out of the way of an aimed beam from one of the androids before he closed the distance between them. His dagger glided into the metal of the robot, ripping it to pieces with relative ease, but as soon as it fell, another took its place. "We need a plan on how to deal with these," T'Chantem informed, narrowly avoiding a bright red laser. He could feel his skin grow warm as the sleeve of his shirt was slightly caught, singeing a few inches of the material to ash. "Anyone willing to propose an idea?"

Sam aimed at the headless bot walking towards the others and fired 3 rounds at the back of it knee, hoping to slow it down. Though all hit, only one managed to pierce its components and do any damage. “Gwen!” he yelled out, “You have your cloaking and the data on this place, move as fast as you can and find the terminal that shuts this off!” He fired another round before putting his pistol away. “Everyone else, bunch up and cover each other’s backs.” Sam pulled out his baton and extended it as he leaped over the railing of the balcony, bringing it down on the head of another bot as he landed.

“I can move her faster.” Niko offered.

“Gather unto me, Children of Tomorrow,” Theo called out. She had each hand grasped around the head of two separate security bots and was parading them around in a defensive circle. A flow of red energy flowing into each of them as base defenders faced outwards firing beams of energy into those bots engaging the team. But it was not long before each bot began to shutter and grow visibly damaged in key places. Sparks shot out from their chest and Theo cast them away in time to avoid the impact as they self destructed.

The world was exploding around Erik and he didn't know what to do. T'Chantem's hand had stopped his retreat, but he couldn't find it in himself to move forward into the fray. Sure he could fight... probably...but everyone was so close inside, and there were so many breakable thing here, he wasn't sure what would happen if he even tried to fight. So he stood bouncing on his feet, looking over the battle and unable to join.

Gwen remained silent. She wasn’t fully invisible which meant being silent and not giving away her position was even more vital! Admittedly, her combat prowess fell far short of everyone else and the only two things she really had was her cloaking tech and her agility to avoid being turned into a smear on the wall. Still on the ceiling, she wall-crawled with practiced ease and speed to the stairwell leading downstairs.

Sam sprinted across the room to rejoin Theo and the others as he responded to Niko. “But she’ll know how to get past any other security measure and we need you here!” He grabbed a bot’s hand as it extended it to fire an energy bolt and ripped it from the shoulder, then used the detached arm to strike the bot in the head.

Niko didn’t like the idea of having a fifteen year old go off on her own, but Sam was right - with each bot they took out, it seemed two more took its place.


T'Chantem sent his dagger into the neck of the next robot, gracefully detaching its head and then each of its arms, before finally slicing through the robot's chest, causing several sparks to erupt from beneath its metallic integument. He watched as the metal shell clanged to the floor beneath him before he rejoined a majority of the others. Even in the midst of the blooming chaos, he took notice of Erik's hesitation and reluctance to fight. "Erik?" he half questioned, hoping to draw the young godling's attention. "Simply standing in the middle of the battlefield is surely a most ungraceful path to death's doorway," he advised. He was unsure as to why Erik had refused to take arms and participate, but he could only assume that a lack of combat experience meant that the blond was possibly overwhelmed with the situation.

To be Continued...

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