Confounded Compound - Part 3

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“Now would be a good time to do to the robots what you did to the basketball backboard, Foster Thorson,” Niko prompted. “Don’t tuck your thumb in, go punch something! Not us. You got this!” The speedster encouraged, before he blurred back out of sight.

Erik’s eyes went wide at the call outs and his breathing went wild. He looked between everyone, trying to find a spot to jump in, where he would cause the least amount of damage. He couldn’t see Gwen anymore, maybe helping the guy yelling orders up on the second floor? Should he just jump into the pile that was forming at the way too many people there jumping around. Shit, he couldn’t just stand here and be useless. Fortunately the sound of a charging pulse blast caught his attention as shot ripped into his ribs, sending him five feet back. He grunted with pain and looked to see a singed hole in his shirt. He felt the pull of something at his head as the pain resided, like he was here but not and he needed to be closer but couldn't move. The feeling passed though and he returned the robots blast by charging it and laying a solid uppercut into its torso, sending the removed machinery scattering into the ceiling. For a moment he looked at his own fist in half shock before the sound of more robots descending into the room brought him back to attention.

“That’s done it, Thor! You’ve garnered their attention. Now smite them -- mightily!” Theo looked like she was actually having a good time or was confident that they were in no real danger. But Theo was also under the influence of her mother’s personality; swayed at least by pieces of Wanda’s temperament and identity. Dressed in her mother’s attire, Theo was throwing hex bolts at the bots with varying effectiveness. It caused some of the robots to aim poorly; there were plenty of errant shots that struck the walls, ceiling and floor of the compound itself, but most found robotic targets, laying down their own base defenders. Some of the mechanized men’s weapons systems misfired or exploded, sending entire robotic arms into oblivion. But through it all none of the Maximoff’s team were hit, not as a result of Theo at least.

Enhanced. Threat Detected. Level 2.

“I don’t like this.” Niko said, catching his breath as Theo deflected blasts from a nearby bot. “This can’t be good.” Taking another deep breath, he turned and ran back into the fray. He wasn’t a fan of the closed-in quarters, it made dodging that much harder, especially as in the second level, the bots, came in fast and furious via jet propulsion, this time shooting some sort of pulsar beams rather than small jolts of electricity.

“What if we draw them back outside? It might give Gwen more time and Niko could move more freely!” Sam yelled out as he dodged a grapple attempt from a bot behind him. A second bot propelled forward to grab the First Avenger’s son around the waist, tackling him to the ground.

“That would be a bad idea. These defensive bots are operating on old instructions. For all we know guiding them outside will initiate some other line of their programming. We can’t unleash them on the good people of Sokovia. Keep them occupied while I search for their Level 2 Boss; perhaps he will have authority to discuss the matter.” Theo propelled herself with a quick set of telekinetic pulses up and over the second floor balcony.

“Sokovia?” Niko asked, warily. The jarring distraction took his focus off the fight, leading him to take an electric jolt which sent him backwards through a shelving unit.

Gwen once clear leapt down to run proper like down the hallway. She quickly consulted her phone to orient herself as she continued on. It seemed that at the moment Gwen had gotten the easy gig, it seemed easy right? Find the computer. Disable The security how hard could it be! Then: Enhanced. Threat Detected. Level 2.

Gwen perked hearing the warning. ‘Oh that can’t be good.’ As her spidey sense tingled. Well that was an understatement; it wasn’t so much a warning but rather like a series brain numbing static shocks! It was like siren blaring in her head! Naturally the young girl whipped around looking for the threat at hand and found two turrets popping down from the ceiling.

“Oh fu-” Gwen didn’t even get to finish when they starting firing on her. Gwen ran rebounding like a crazed rubber ball along the walls and ceiling leaving a trail of bullet holes and drywall dust in her wake. She found herself around the bend plastered to the wall covered head to toe in drywall dust ruin her cloaking effect. She was at a dead end and pinned down.

It was at this time Gwen was wondering what the hell was going upstairs! She feverishly dialed Niko.

Getting back to his feet Niko zipped behind a column before another barrage. The buzzing of his phone caught his attention. “Little busy Ghost Spider Girl, what do you need?”

“Turrets! With bullets! I'm pinned down!” Gwen said rapid so he couldn't hear the shake in her voice. Fact was she didn't have the experience Peter or most heroes had at her age. Being genuinely shot at was a scary first for her! “What’s going on up there; why is level 2 security activated?” Gwen peeked around the corner and recoils back from a barrage of bullets. “Just double-checking … they’re still there…”

Theo found the hex bolts to be less effective against the pulsar beams. Instead she was having to deflect the shots which was easier said than done. These were high powered beams of energy, not projectiles so sustained deflection was critical. The upper level was taking some serious damage as the beams were scattered everywhere -- striking wall, ceiling, floor and robot alike. Theo was singing softly to herself as she occasionally sent a bot flying over the balcony with a telekinetic flick.

“I've got no strings, so I have fun. I'm not tied up to anyone. They've got strings, but you can see; there are no strings on me.”

She stretched her left arm over the top of her shimmering shield and fired off a concussive blast that ripped through three bots and caved in part of the ceiling. “Oops!”

Niko furrowed his brow. He’d reach Gwen before finishing the sentence, but it still needed saying. “Sit tight, on my way.” It’s possible that his wording might have been accelerated, as were his steps as he raced down the corridor. The glass windows to each office shattered as he bolted past. He wasn’t sure where exactly she was, but following the sound of gunshots, he sailed down the stairs and was there in nothing flat. “Shit.” Seeing the fifteen-year old pinned in the corner by turrets, naturally the first thing which came to mind is how mad her mom would be. This was definitely first and middle name worthy. He took a deep breath inward and the world slowed down further. It made it easy to bypass the barrage of slow moving bullets as the turrets ever so slightly started to turn in his direction, he’d just have to be faster than the projectiles on his way out. He scooped up the young Spider, holding her head flush to his chest to prevent whiplash as he ducked below the ammunition suspended mid air. and dashed her out of the corridor in less time than it took to blink. One of his bicep’s were grazed somewhere during the run, but he didn’t notice at first until he slowed down and the world caught back up. He breathed a sigh of relief and held her a split second or two longer than needed, cradled in his arms before setting her back on her feet. “Are you okay?” He asked, placing one hand on each of her shoulders to look her over. With the mask he couldn’t tell. He didn’t see any blood, just a lot of dust. “Are you hurt?”

Gwen rushed in crushing Niko in a hug. “I'm okay. Thank you for helping.” She said in a small voice. “Don't tell mom!” The kid had clearly been shown up, the unnaturally strong hug gave that away. Though from this vantage only Niko could see how close a call it actually was. The bullet hole in her hood was clearly not from moths.

Even so Gwen's ego was bruised. She was supposed to be able to handle the situation, she was a superhero! And first sight of trouble she called for help! Forget she had no training, never got shot at or hello even been in a fight! It was hard for her to keep it in perspective as the greenest member when you had demi god capable of bench pressing a fully stocked fridge.

With the air squeezed from his lungs, Niko offered a weakened thumbs up, and pretending to tousle her hair tucked the bullet hole out of sight. “You’re okay.” He soothed. “You’re okay. Tell me, where do you need to get to?”

A few flying bots got Erik’s attention as they focused on the group. He jumped and grabbed ahold of both of the bots. He expected gravity to do the rest but he heard jets fire up next to him and his downward momentum was halted. “Outside is sounding better right about now!” The newfound trio zig-zagged through the air for a bit and flew into the window, leaving a crack. Erik finally managed to maneuver both hands to the robots’ heads and smashed them toward one another, causing the bodies to go parallel and sending Erik to the floor on his back. He groaned and thought that level 2 was really shaping up well as he grabbed ahold of one of the robot’s bodies next to him and slammed it into the other to get them both to stop moving.

One thing that T'Chantem couldn't say was that they weren't warned. The system blared the transition from level one to level two, and then held to its promise in reality. The aggression in the robots spiked as more erupted from what felt like every little crack, crevice, and opening, rocketing themselves at super speeds across the limited space. Was this some sort of real-life video game? Nevertheless, the young prince prepped himself, quickening his movements and reaction to the oncoming assault. He used his dagger to detach the limbs from a robot that had attempted to grab him, and then subsequently used the still in tact torso as a shield to fend against an energy blast sent by another. The force sent him back several feet, and he nearly fell before dropping the now smoldering mass of metal to the ground. The robots however refused to relent, and he pulled a second dagger from his clothing as two more flew his direction.

T'Chantem had no way to deflect the pulsar blasts one of the robots rapidly fired his direction, so he instead decided to nimbly elude each attack, ducking and weaving with instantly calculated movements to ensure success in his evasion. As the second of the two robots approached him for close range combat, he prepared his daggers, swiping at the robot's head to begin its demise. However, T'Chantem was caught by surprise when the robot lifted an arm, a move he wasn't expecting, before firing a beam only several feet away from him. One of his daggers clanged from his hand and onto the floor, adsorbing most of the attack before he was blasted backwards. His training came in handy as he landed on both of his hands, flattening his remaining dagger against the floor, before completing a back handspring onto his feet. Pain shot from his fingertips to his left wrist, signalling that he had some form of injury in his hand, but he was allotted no time to focus on his health, as he still had two AI controlled robots to destroy.

He could feel his irritation with himself boil under his cool demeanor, but he knew better than to act on emotion in the given situation. Instead, T'Chantem threw the dagger into the hand of the robot before it prepped another attack, causing its entire arm to backfire and short circuit. He then quickly charged towards the robot, tearing his dagger free, along with its mechanical arm, before removing its second hand as it prepared for another attack. The other robot had ceased its long-range assail, and propelled itself over to aid its ally. Taking no prisoners, T'Chantem made quick work of the robot who had blasted his second dagger away, before kicking the oncoming robot back. He then twirled his dagger as he fell into the natural flow of battle, swiping it across the robot's chest, before grabbing the space between the robot's head and neck. He pulled upwards, forcing the robot's head to tilt back, even though he knew he wasn't strong enough to do any lasting damage with his bare hands. In response the robot blasted them both into the air, and T’Chantem stabbed his dagger upwards into the increased opening he had created for himself, sending the edge of his dagger through the robot's head, and grotesquely out of its face. Thankfully the metal android had no flesh or blood, otherwise the scene would have been far more gruesome than what he was bargaining for.

The Prince continued his attack, ripping the robot to pieces, and then using the remaining parts of its body as a shield against the impact when he came crashing down to the floor. His eyes then frantically searched the battlefield for his missing dagger, locating it before he lunged to retrieve the vibranium weapon that was rightfully his and his only.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you all!” Sam yelled out before another bot came behind him and began choking him. Thinking fast, he spun his body around and reversed the hold. He pulled the head off of the bot and launched the head at an incoming flying bot, knocking it off course, causing it to collide with another and sent the pair through a window. “If there was perimeter security, it would have activated when we arrived. Only the interior has defenses and we need to draw them out if Gwen and Niko are going to get any relief. And we’re running out of space!” Sam saw a bot flying full speed at him from his peripheral. He quickly picked up the body of a nearby dead bot to use as a shield to absorb some of the impact from the charge. The bot crashed into him and their collective mass went hurtling towards the exit door. They collided and caused a serious dent in the security shutter. The attacking robot seemed temporarily recovering, so he pulled his pistol back out and unloaded the rest of his clip into it’s head.

He stood up to catch his breath and noticed the large dent in the door and an idea sprang into his head; “Erik, T’Chantem! We need to battering ram this door right now!” He grabbed a bot chassis with each hand and ran towards them. “If you two hold me and run full speed into the dent, we can make a hole and get outside.”

To be Continued…

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