Mulled Spider

Gwen spent the whole of school day completely distracted. Her encounter with the Maximoffs twins …where they twins?

She wrote down the question in the last page of her notebook.

Had left her a lot to think on and frankly a sore jaw. It was her first encounter with anyone remotely Meta! Did they say they were raised by a ghost?
She wrote the question down
What were there goals? Why come to the city? Was there a looming threat and this was some kind of call to arms? Why didn’t they wear masks?

She scribbled her question down with feverish enthusiasm.

“Ms. PARKER.” The teacher said loudly.

Gwen was so startled she jumped earning herself a variety of snickers around the classroom. “I’m sorry … what was the question?” She asked looking around shoving her glasses back up the bridge of her nose. “Was … there a question?” She said slowly like some sort of nocturnal creature woke during the day.

“While I’m sure you enthusiastic note taking is on some level impressive. Please pay attention to what happening in calls. Right now.” He teacher said dryly with a tsk before continuing.

Gwen nodded and almost immediately tuned the man out. She accepted that today as going to be an off day so why fight it. Her head was filled with heroes of old. Not Shakespeare. IT felt like a lifetime before last bell and Gwen was uncharacteristically in the middle of the crowd of exiting students. She had been planning and debating all day and she had come to a decision … she had to see the Maximoffs again. After homework … and some dinner. She might be able to sneak out a little early even! She still wanted to try doing some homework on the pair. Plus she didn’t intend to show up to the replace out of costume, she wasn’t stupid. Not that they would know who she even was but it was the principle of the matter. Also, it was a good habit to get into.
Gwen unlocked her bike and started the ride home. She would have loved to web sling home but her tech was not very reliable yet and could not risk being spotted during the day.

~Yea, tonight.~ She thought as she peddled harder. ~I’ll see them tonight and find out what they're about.~

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