Aftermath Part 1

((Joint post! Please don't make me list out all the names))

Gwen was sweating bullets as she was boxed in by wall to wall code on all side. There was no comforting clicky noise of a keyboard since nearly every one of the input devices was a virtual projection. Instead, there was the dull thunk of her finger hitting the table as she tried bypassing the very active security.

“10 levels of security really?” The girl squeaked. They were only just hitting level three! She pulled up the security cams to check in on her teammates. It wasn't pretty.

“Crapcrapcrap.” She moaned, scrolling through security files. The system was pretty extensive so this wasn’t as simple as just going in and adding security clearance. There were layers and layers of security she had to find. One wrong move or a flubbed line of code and she might lock herself out of the system.

The sound of crashing overhead caused Gwen to look up in alarm. She couldn’t help but wonder what the hell was going on that something akin to a wrecking ball passing overhead. Whatever it was … did something to the command center she was in and set off its security.

The lights turned red and a blast door slammed shut over the door. A soothing pleasant voice chimed in, “Security measures enabled. Please wait for an authorized user for rescue.”

“Really. REALLY?! What did I do to deserve this!?” Gwen yelled at the voice. “What was WRONG with the Avengers that they needed so much security and countermeasures?!” She pouted with a long huff and returned to her hacking. It was all she could do because at the moment they were depending on her disabling the system so it didn’t continue escalating. There was a lot of escalating left to happen and the team wasn’t faring so well out there right now.

“I curse you Stark and your over-complicated, paranoid, genius … DNA lock?” It was like a speed bump in her train of thought. “Oh! Oooooooh … HEY!” she said as she scrolled through the profiles. “Everyone's got one but me!” Gwen said jilted. Really where was the love! Well, if their profiles were already on file maybe she could change their access level. If nothing else it could buy the team some time to courageously run away.

“Okay … and with a flip of the switch … y'all are now guests,” Gwen said, waiting after sending the patch to upload. It was the best workaround they were going to get in a rush!

Outside on the lawns and inside the compound itself, all the robots stopped, frozen in place while they were updated with the security patch Gwen pushed into the system. For a solid two minutes, the bots imitated lawn decorations; death-dealing, plasma shooting lawn decorations.

“Is it over?” Niko asked, bouncing on his toes looking over to Sam. “It’s over; we win?”

“Gwen did it,” Sam said, out of breath. “She’s one smart...Erik!” he exclaimed, rushing back over to where he and Theo lay unconscious. He lifted Theo off of Erik and grabbed Erik by both hands, pulling him out of the hole. Sam lifted him over his shoulder and called out to Niko, “Grab Theo and let’s get inside before these things decide to move again. My first aid kit is inside.” He looked over to T’Chantem who was closer to the compound, “Could you head down and check on Gwen? She might need help.”

Seeing Theo unconscious instantly sobered Niko from the combat rush he’d been on and he gingerly brushed the hair from his cousin’s face before gently picking her up. “You’re okay, Miskja,” He soothed, hoping his non-doctorish assessment was correct. A higher degree of anger washed over him, not just at the robots, but inward towards himself, for not keeping a closer eye on what was going on.

"Help in a job she's already accomplished? I don't know where Gwen is either, Niko?" T'Chantem informed. He looked over to Niko who was preoccupied in being concerned with the well-being of his cousin. She had taken a rather hard strike to the head, but other than the possibility of a concussion, he determined she would more than likely be fine, given time to recover. He then twirled the vibranium spear in his hand, the metal sliding back into itself and shrinking to a several inch cylinder once again. "I'll actually go look for her myself, pull yourselves together, we'll be fine," T'Chantem instructed, attempting to at least slightly reassure the others. He placed the now condensed spear into his pocket before heading back into the facility. The place was demolished from the floor up, and the battle scars of the building ruthlessly reminded him of how much work they still needed to do, and how much that still needed to be learned.

In the mayhem of fighting deadly Stark androids, T'Chantem had failed in paying attention to Gwen, and where she had escaped to tamper with the security system. He took a moment to survey the area, searching for any signs of the mutant wall-crawler, but most of what he continued to see was wreckage from the conflict.

Gwen remained in lockdown and the room was shielded to boot. So her phone, the only form of communication she had would not work. Gwen was going to make a point to find those Avenger quality communication devices because using a phone mid battle was just a recipe for disaster.

Since there was nothing on file regarding herself in the Avengers system she was SOL. No DNA, no biometric profile; hell, not even a picture so there was nothing she could do to make the system recognize her. Yet. So right now she was sitting and waiting for one of her teammates to step down to the sub-basement … so, for now, solitaire it was.

Niko had no luck finding ice, but he dabbed a cold cloth on his cousin’s forehead. At least he hoped when she woke up, she’d be his cousin, sometimes there was no telling. “Come on, Miskja Brat. Open your eyes,” He soothed in a soft voice.

Sam got Erik inside, sat him against a wall and fetched his bag. He pulled out the first-aid kit and cracked open a small pellet of smelling salts. He put it up to Erik’s nose and spoke to him, “Hey, come on, wake up bud. It’s all over, you’re okay.”

As the first crack of smelling salts hit his nose Erik’s eyes shot wide open again. His vision was blurred briefly but a few blinks cleared it. He coughed hard as a last bit of dirt cleared from his throat, but surprisingly to him the pain was much less than he might have expected. To be fair he expected to not have a head, so being alive was a nice touch. His hand moved away from the salt, “I’m good, I’m….alive….that’s….wow thank you. Is everyone else….shit is Niko alright?” He put his head back and closed his eyes as his fuck up resurfaced to his mind, “Shit I owe him an apology.”

He brought his knee up to his chest and was already apparently feeling a bit better, much more as if he had been involved in a big workout than nearly dying. However before he could fully test his recovery he realized his complete irresponsibility with introductions, “Thanks a lot sir, I’m Erik by the way...I realize I didn’t actually, really, introduce myself earlier...sorry about that.” He extended a hand toward Sam.

“Sam”, he shook Erik’s hand and smiled. “And don’t worry, Niko’s just fine. We’re all a bit banged up but everyone is okay, thanks to Gwen.” He offered Erik a hand and helped him to his feet. “How is your head?”

Thorson gripped his hand and pulled himself up, “Pretty good, all things that's nice.” He cleared his throat again and looked around at the destroyed scene, “I uh..I guess we'll have some cleaning up to do.”

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