Past Meets Present

Sam stood in amazement at the opened locker before him. His father's shield, suit and gear, all in front of him. It was as if it was purposefully left as a gift for him. He took a moment to control his breathing, he could feel tears coming. He swallowed them and began examining the equipment. There was a chest and leg harness set for storing items, gloves with magnetic strips to recall the shield, a blue helmet with a white "A" on the front and the shield itself.

He began removing his clothes and put on one of the white suits he and Niko had found moments ago. It's true it wasn't the most flexible thing to be in, but it was well padded; there was no mistake this was meant to see serious use in battle. Once he was in the suit, he equipped the harness set and the gloves. As he removed the helmet from it's mantle, a folded piece of paper fell out from the helmet. Sam bent down to examine it. It was a drawing he made for his father when he turned 7. It was stick figures of Sam, Steve and Sharon all at the park, using the shield on a stick for shade. Sam let out a small laugh as some of the tears escaped his eyes. To think his dad ever carried this with him when he was in the field.

Sam wiped his eyes, refolded the picture and put it back in the helmet. Then he put in on and removed the shield from it's spot. Securing it tight around his arm, he took a step back from the locker and gazed over to a window. From the third floor, he could see full well the wreckage they left outside not 20 minutes ago. A torn lawn of metal scraps and body craters. Then he caught a faint glimpse of how he looked in his gear, in the glass and he felt a surge of energy coursing through him that he couldn't contain.

He backflipped from his spot and began a pretend fight in his head with those big men in the warehouse that spent years beating him into shape. He swung the shield in a 360 and spun into a low kick. He jumped high for another kick and landed with a combat roll. He sprinted full speed across the room and did a spinning jump. As he landed, he hurled the shield with all of his might, toward the wall. The shield sunk into the wall and a loud, high pitched ring echoed in the room.

Sam stood upright and snapped to. He looked at himself and at the shield 30ft away, wedged in the wall. He walked over and pulled the shield out. He was surpirsed to see not a scratch on it, despite being so deep into the metallic wall. He gazed around at the other unopened lockers in the room and decided to pull out his phone. He established a group text for everyone in the compound and sent out a message.

"I think everyone should come to the third floor."

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