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Summary: A short guy trying to blend in you coinpurse.

Andi Littlewood

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Adventurers


What nationalities are there?


Job: thief
Skills: (3) He is an apt thief - climbing, lock picking, common thuggery, breaking and entry, observation

Leadership(2) teaching (2)

Fire magic (1) lighting fire (weak)
Terra magic (2) holes and mend (this is his strength)


Title: Catsclaw
Rank: commoner
Level: 3

Physical Appearance

Andi is a short lad. 5’ 2” and weighs about 110 lbs. he has dark hair and brown eyes. His teeth aren’t straight and one was lost in a fight.

He wears browns, black and dark colors. When he is working he likes to wear a dark hood, black on outside and grey on the inside.

He has a leather mask that covers his forehead to below his nose cut like cats eyes and whiskers when working.

He carries a small hand cross bow, two dagger in his belt, one throwing dagger in his sleeve and boot.

Personality and interests

Andi is a want to be mage, he has leaned a little terrum magic(earth) mainly the ability to make finger and toe holds in rock and to repair them. This is why he has his nickname. He also learned enough fire magic to light a fire, candle or lamp. He is trying to save up to pay for apprenticeship to a mage to learn.

He plays the straight pipes. He has three. He likes to climb the cathedral and play the tunes he has heard coming from the worship and occasionally a bar tune to liven it up. He tries to stay out of sight of the people below. He figures the people in the temple have a clue that it is him.

He is the deaf to leader of a small thieves guild, well, more a gang of younglings who are just learning their craft. His sister is a member of it which is why he stays. It seems like every time he saves enough to pay for a months training something happens and he ends up spending the money.

If you ask what his dream is, it is to make a sewer and water distribution system for the city.

After his time with the steel blades, fighting and killing people is really low on his list of things to do. To him it means that there was no plan.


Andi’s parents died when he was 12 and his sister was 10. Technically he is a member of the guild of the steel blades. That is where he started his training. They kind of parted ways when they wanted him to shive a sixteen year-old girl in a white dress. He is not interested in assasinating girls. Exspecially girls whose father are in charge of a garrison of soldiers.


Well, if you kill them you make someone else mad, just take their stuff and disappear.

Favourite Foods

Roast beef and potato stew.


Susan Littlewood - his sister who he is trying to save from the brothels.

Ryan Ellington - fence for stolen goods

Father Thomas Fallow - divine healer in the temple. Has caught Andi on the ledges before and has healed and provided for the gang when it has been cold.

Sargent Ivan McCloud - commander of a squad of night watch. Andi has had a few run-ins with in the past, one where Andi’s left pinky finger was removed.

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Image of Andi Littlewood
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