OOC - Welcome Phineaus!

Hey Phineaus, welcome to Nadyun's Miracle!

We haven't posted for a while, but we are both kind of busy right now so don't be afraid, we won't abandon the game anytime soon. Thanks for joining, we are looking people after all. Just wanted to say some stuff regarding ur character. Try to keep the skills loose, we are running a semi-soft magic/skill system after all. You don't have to give the skills levels, since we haven't really figured out those yet. Also, if you have new ideas, let us know. Guess we haven't made it too clear how magic is in this world. Most issues around the country regarding hygiene and such are solved with magic. Not in the really poor, abandoned places, but cleaning is a thing here; also providing water.

Also regarding nationality, we focus on one right now, called "Lands of Logina"
If you have questions, please ask me anytime with any issue. I'd love to make this game relatively big and fun so I really hope you'll enjoy your time in this world. (Once again I'll work on magic more with my friend, until then, keep it loose.)

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