The parade

Everyone loves a parade, the bright shiny armor marching. The flags, the crowds. Oh Andi and the kittens paws would do well today. They would lie low for a week, eating, drinking and telling lies.

He noticed his friend the Sargent watching him intently, he waved with the hand missing a finger. Today he was the bag man, one the kittens would grab a coin purse, hand it off to another who would pass it to his sister who would pass behind him and drop it in a pocket in his cloak. All while he waved to the good Sargent.

He might even collect enough to continue his training. He smiled.

He moved on placing his hand on the back of a young merchant’s daughter. Trying to keep her from falling. He was rewarded with a wonderful over the shoulder view. “Miss, there are pickpockets in the crowd, you might want to tuck your money in your sash so it is harder for them to steal.” When the Sargent questioned her in a few moment, she would only have glowing words for him. He worked his way through the crowd.

He watched with great interest as the captain and mage talked. He was going to steal a ring off a girls finger and ended up holding her hand instead.

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