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Minu Pavagi

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Engineering




Minu is trained as a structural engineer with an interest in agriculture. She can do power systems, control systems, hydraulics, as well as structural design.

Minu can can make something that works out of spare parts, it may not be beautiful or efficient, but it will work.

She is good with computers (structural analysis and remediation is done my computer modeling).

She also can weave fabric, spin and sew.

She has been playing with genetically enhancing rice (She is selecting and cross pollinating rice to produce larger yields and grow in harsh conditions). Real genetic splicing is out of her area of expertise.

She also has been learning some martial arts as a physical discipline. (She likes the staff, and the knife and chain). To her it is like dancing.


She would have a rank of a junior grade officer.

Physical Appearance

Minu is a Hindi woman born to westernized parents. She is 5'2" and 105#. She likes to wear Indian clothing when she is not working. She wears the standard jumpsuit when she is working on things.

She has black hair which is long and braided most of the time and brown eyes. Her completion is slightly dark.


Minu is self assured, creative, shy, and reserved. She can be playful at times and loud.


Minu's Grandparents were selected to be a part of the ARC experiment. She like her parents were born on board the craft. Like many people on board, she was trained to follow in her parents and grandparents footsteps.

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Image of Minu Pavagi
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