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Summary: The large, caring and positive Head Chef of the bridge, spreading joy on both upper and lower decks.

Lorenzo Cavallieri

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Lottery Winners




Occupation: Head Chef to the Bridge Command

A great cook in harsh circumstances, and excellent at both keeping spirits up and delegating orders around the Bridge's kitchen.

Quite strong, and often seen hauling crates of food on his own that his assistants would have to carry in twos.

Great knowledge of biology, gardening, nutrition and more, allowing him to get the most out of the available food stores and growth deck.


Was made an Ensign merely to facilitate his transfer to the Upper Deck position, but has good standing with the command chain as the one responsible for their food.

Physical Appearance

Sturdy and wide, about 6'4". He has a bit of flab and a lot of muscle, which makes him look fatter than he is. Short, dark brown hair in loose curls, and a well-kempt beard with a few early grey hairs running through. Round face and kind eyes with a few lines around them. Slightly tanned skin, inherited from his Italian ancestry.


The bright, shining sun of any room he walks into, Lorenzo is joyous, boisterous and loud, seeking little more than to brighten the days of those around him. He's caring to a fault, and can get very emotional over suffering and would give away the clothes on his back to help. Nevertheless, he assumes command with rigor in the kitchen, expecting the best from everyone, and coaching them to get there.


Lorenzo was born to a full-blood Italian father and half-Italian mother, and likely has the most Italian blood left of anyone on the ship. He is proud of that heritage and expresses it through his love of food and being loud and joyous wherever he goes. His keen smell and palette and supportive attitude got him a position in the chef's line at a particularly young age, 17, after apprenticing for 3 years there. By the time the head chef died in an accident on the engineering deck he'd risen through the ranks to sous-chef at 21, and his appointment to head chef was unanimously well received. Since then, he has kept morale up by keeping the meals something everyone can look forward to. Though working in the upper deck, he has chosen to remain living in the lower decks to better help out his neighbors and friends. As such, he is one of the few who travels between the decks on a daily basis.

Recently Lorenzo has taken a keen interest in Minu's rice experiments, and has applied his biology knowledge to try and help her with thought experiments and hypotheses, to varying degrees of success.

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Image of Lorenzo Cavallieri
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