This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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ABOUT A NEW HOPE (Rough draft, Will expand as the story expands)

A New Hope is set on a dying star-ship, the A.R.C. 3, as it continues its search for a new world to restart the human race.

The crew are divided into two groups. The Legacy's and the Blue Collars.

Legacy's are the descendant's of the original crew chosen to board the A.R.C. Legacy's are expected to be at the top of their field and hold the highest jobs on board (doctors, pilots, engineers, science, higher ranking security officers, and advanced agricultural development).

Blue Collars are the descendants of the lottery winners. They perform the manual labor jobs on board the ship, (cooks, janitorial, mechanics/maintenance, security, agriculture, ect.). Those who show potential are sometimes allowed to apprentice with higher ranking jobs. Blue Collars are housed in the lower decks of the A.R.C. and thus developed their own hierarchy.

Captain (Captain of A.R.C.)
Commander (Head of each department)
Lieutenant (Higher ranked members of each department)
Ensign (Lower ranked members of each department)
Citizen (Everyone else)

Due to overpopulation, food is being rationed.
There is currently a ban on child bearing.
Rolling blackouts are common, in an effort to conserve energy throughout the ship.