Med Bay

Alyssa walked out of the third surgery that evening. Her exhaustion began to show on her face. Her eyes were heavy, her hair a mess. She was receiving report from the charge nurse about a man who had come in during the crisis and began barking out orders before punching an attendant and leaving, when Lorenzo entered medical carrying a woman on his shoulder. She recognized him from the cafeteria, he had always been nice to her, even slipping her an extra dessert every now and then back before the rationing was put into effect.

"Lorenzo" she began, "What happened?"

Alyssa listened as he explained what had happened while she escorted them over to the only open trauma bed. The woman had a rather large gash across her forehead that was causing blood to drain into her eye. After irrigating the woman's eye and suturing up the gash she pulled up a holographic display showing the internal structure of the woman's brain. Everything looked fine and there was no bleeding noted.

"We will keep her for a few days to monitor for any post-cerebral hemorrhage, but she should be fine" Alyssa told Lorenzo.

"How about you, any bumps or bruises I need to examine?" she joked to Lorenzo as she looked over the stack of paperwork a nurse had just given her.

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