Night Shift

Nathan listened to Minu's report of what had happened down in engineering. He had never seen her before. Usually it was Hank, the head of engineering, who would be delivering the report. Last he had heard Hank was currently in critical condition in the med bay's ICU. The girl seemed nervous as she spoke but knowledgeable. Taking special note of the man she spoke of. He remembered seeing the man on the security camera's while everything was going on. Liam O'Connor, a security officer, who had made his way over to Minu and Nathan, listening to the girl's report.

"I know who your talking about, he is currently a person of interest. Seems he made quite a scene down in medical as well." Liam stated. "And it also appears you've been promoted" he said to Minu. "At least until your ranking officers returns from medical. I will need a full summary of all damage, including the status of the current life support systems ASAP"

Liam walked away leaving Nathan and Minu behind to being his search for their mystery man.

"So do you really think this was intentional?" Nathan asked.

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