Trouble in Paradise

Enzokuhle "Enzo" Botha was excited for the first time in a long time. He'd done it.. He'd solved the food shortage issue. He knew the rumblings about shortages and rationing and there were other, larger issues that needed addressing, but he was no engineer and his sort of science woudln't fix any issues the ARC was having with air or water. But what he could do was keep people fed.

Calories were key, but so were nutrients. Flavor and 'what' you were eating was less important. He sacrifice anything if he knew people wouldn't starve. And that's where dapibus terrae, aka DapRae, came in. Earth Protein. He'd come up with a way of sprouting barley grains rapidly and sustainably and when combining that with mealworm protein, had a combination that he knew could sustain everyone on board and more. His last batch had been used in the synthesis trials so he'd risked it all and had his last batch set to regenerate overnight. With that, he could create enough to finish his testing and propose it to the council.

But when Enzo got to work, he found the door to his lab unlocked. Worse, his office and lab was trashed and his research and samples gone. All of it. His life's work... gone. Had he had one or the other, he could start over but without the research he would have to start over - years of work. Even if all the samples weren't gone, he could reverse engineer that he had done. But it was gone. But why? Who would want to not supply a solution to the hunger problem?

Minutes later he ignored the staff outside of the Bridge Command Officers station and burst in. He liked Nathan Clark. At first, when Nathan first got the job on Command Enzo thought he was too young to hold such a post but he had proven him wrong and shown he was a capable leader. Clark was already in with someone else. He wasn't sure of her name, but thought he'd seen her in large meetings and seated with the Engineering crew.

"Clark, sorry to interrupt, but I didn't want to cast this on the broad wave, but my office, my research, my solution to the food shortage... it's gone...destroyed."

~ ~ ~

Mason walked fast. He knew he should keep his cool, but things were bad. The man's words haunted him... sabotage...

He walked passed a crowd watching a large screen reporting on the events. Then he saw it... HIM. He was good about not showing his face at certain times but they had enough of a physical description to eliminate scores of the passengers as they looked for him as a 'person of interest'. And things were tense here already. People would be out for blood.

He got to his place and changed and cleaned up. It was only then he saw the blood on his clothes. Crap! Time was shorter than he'd hoped. Much shorter....

His quarters went dark on their own and then illuminated with a red light. The red light... he froze. The ONE thing he feared. He gathered himself, took a deep breath, and opened his door. "You were looking for me?" he asked calmly to a squad of security officers who looked too eager and then disappointed he wasn't resisting.

The lead officer tapped his helmet - "Level Three Wave:*pause* We have the 'person of interest'. Bringing him to the Bridge."

OCC: Copying everyone for reference, but maybe everyone on here would have gotten this Wave or been near enough to someone else to hear it.

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