The Plot Thickens

As Minu spoke Nathan stared at the girl. She seemed far wiser than her years. Then again you had to be on board this ship. Her suspicions made him think of something Liam was saying a few days ago. There had been errors in the ship security footage, particularly in engineering. An entire weeks worth of footage had gone missing. At the time Liam just chocked it up to the recent power outages, but now Minu had him thinking there was more too it.

"You're lucky you weren't there. Far too few pretty girls on this ship as it is " Nathan said giving her a half smile. He sensed she felt a bit guilty and tried to make her feel a little better, even if it was a slightly unprofessional. "But why would someone want to kill off the senior engineering staff?" Nathan asked as Enzo approached the two of them.

Nathan knew Enzo had been working on a special project to help the ship's current food shortage. His work was crucial to the ship survival. The Captain would need to hear about this soon, but with the current crisis his plate was full. What is going on, on this ship? First missing security footage. Then an explosion that appeared not to be an accident. Now someone was trying to sabotage the food supply. This is definitely not a coincidence Nathan thought.

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