You Again

Alyssa laughed at Lorenzo's joke. There was something about him that just brought a smile to all those around him, even in the harshest of circumstances.

"That's what I'm here for" Alyssa smiled to Lorenzo.

"There was an explosion in engineering. They are still investigating what happened exactly" Alyssa explained. Speaking of the explosion, she needed to tell someone of the strange man she had seen there. She would have to stop by security and inform them of what happened, both in engineering and then in med bay.

She finished reviewing the rest of the charts on her tablet when Dr. Andrews approached her. "You can go for tonight" he started. "You gonna need your rest. You're taking over the rounding list tomorrow."

she though sarcastically. Being an intern sucks

Alyssa checked over Nathalya once more. Her vitals were stable and she appeared to be resting comfortably.

"We should let her rest, visiting hours are over anyway" She said to Lorenzo as she gathered her belongings. "Care to escort a girl out?" she asked.

As they exited the Med Bay she saw the man from earlier being escorted by security.

"Its him" she said quietly to herself.

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