Mason was taken straight to the bridge. Mason kept his cool. Brought before Clark would be simpler than the real captain. Where were the real heads of everything? Senior leadership was oddly missing in a moment of crisis.

Plopped into a chair with too many eyes staring at him made him uncomfortable, but he didn't let it show. "Before you scan or ask, let me..."

"My name is Mason Winters, the third technically. My grandfather was a Lottery Winner. So I, like so many others, have had to scrounge for their living while those of you chosen, privileged have risen by the actions of your forefathers, not your own."

"You better watch yourself, son," Enzo said stepping up, "what you are saying is starting to sound like a confession or treatise on the evil's of authority - neither of which will do you any good. And not all of us were born into the privileged class of the ARC - like me, I..."

"I know, I know... you were born to a lottery winner like me," Mason replied, "whose family worked in Ag and you raised yourself up by your own bootstraps."

"How do you?! Nevermind. Did you also break into my office and destroy my research?!" he yelled grabbing him by the collar.

"Now, now..." Liam said, easing Enzo back. "I'm lead security officer here, I'll ask the questions." He gave kind of a sheepish look to everyone. "So, Winters, did you?"

Alyssa and Lorenzo had just shown up (thought it'd be useful to have us all together) and she was looking accusingly at Mason.

"Hey you," Mason said, seeing her enter. "Let's all just slow down a bit. I"m not admitting to anything except being in the right and wrong place but at the very right time. Go ahead, if you haven't already, search me and my quarters. You won't find anything linking me to any of these thefts or explosions. All I can be blamed for is saving lives."

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