"Not formally" Alyssa told Lorenzo. "He was with the first response team when we arrived at engineering. He was helping triage the injured, and apparently he punched one of my orderlies."

Alyssa followed them as they made their way to the bridge. "Though, I have a feeling there's more to the story" she told Lorenzo.


Nathan was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed when security brought Mason to him. The man looked surprisingly calm for someone being accused of so many things. He was either an incredible liar or innocent. Probably both. As the man explained who he was Liam pulled him up on the ships database. His identity checked out, so at least he was telling the truth about that. Nathan listened as Liam and Enzo interrogated Mason. Where is the Captain Nathan wondered.

A few minutes later Alyssa entered the bridge with Lorenzo. Nathan didn't have the time right now to greet his sister, even though they hadn't seen each other in months.

"What do you know about the explosion?" Liam asked in an accusatory manor.

As Mason continue talking, Nathan was considering just sending him to the brig and letting the Captain deal with him later until Alyssa spoke up on his behalf.

"He telling the truth" Alyssa started, "He was with us when we arrived at engineering. He was helping with the injured. Sure his people skills could use some work, but I seriously doubt whoever caused the explosion would hang around to try and save people."

As Alyssa talked Liam received a report over the coms. Other than a few contraband items Mason's room was clean. Nothing that could link him to the explosion or to Enzo's missing research. Liam shook his head at Nathan indicating that the search came up clear.

"Well it seems your innocent, for now. But we will be keeping a close eye on you. It also appears you don't have a specific job title. "Nathan said as he looked over Mason's profile in the database, he wondered how that was possible, obviously someone was not doing their job. "Till further notice you will be reporting to the new head of engineering, Miss....." It just occurred to Nathan he had never gotten the girl's name.

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