Minu looks at him and poinTs at the chair across the desk.
She nods to he guards and says, “Please wait outside and close the door.”

Minu, waits for Mason to sit. She stays seated. “Well, to put it to you this way. There are people who are ready to space you instead of putting you in the clink.” She pulls up a list of the systems that are displayed. The hologram list displays, some flaw red, a few are orange and some are green.

“So to put it simple, I give you a choice. You can help me direct some of the engineering teams and help keep them on task so I can get things done or you can run the risk of meeting the outside of the ship,” she said.

She moves from her chair, “Something is going on and to put it bluntly. I need a liar and a cheat so I can do my job and save as many people as I, correction we, can.”

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