Minu looked at him and says with energy, “I haven’t been banging anyone, thank you very much!”

She pulls a paper from the desk and starts reading, “In the time of crisis, the head of engineering has the authority to conscript any person or equipment needed to ensure the safety of the ship, crew, and passengers.” She looks up and says, “That would be you.”

“If you want to be an ass, I’ll be happy to show you to airlock 22 and pull the lever myself.” She sits her hip on the desk, “The stuff will stay, you’ll go.” She smiles at him and says, “Would you like me to read that part of the charter that gives me that authority to you? It come under the section on mutants.”

She pauses, swears at him in her Telugu. “I’ve got two problems. The first is some of what I am going to have to do to get the ship back to running right requires someone to find things, steal thing, and is willing to break a few rules to do that.” She pauses, then says, “The second thing is I need someone who can make sure people are doing their task.” Minu says. “You want to help figure out who did this, great. I’m giving you access to places you can’t normally go, with a cover story. I just need you to help boss people around, you like doing that don’t you?”

She was trying to propose a partnership instead of jail time. There was enough circumstantial evidence to hang him. The assault and impersonating crew would also be hard to talk out of. He also disobeyed a bridge order to stay in place.

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