2 Months, 3 weeks, 4 days

Only five members of the senior council sat in silence around the circular table. Jackson Simmons, the head of security, stood up and addressed the others.

"As you may have noticed Mr. Hansen (the head of engineering) is not with us today. He unfortunately was killed during the engineering explosion last week along with several of his higher ranking staff. He threatened to expose Project Exodus, and thus had to be dealt with."

"So the explosion was planned?" questioned the grey-haired woman.

"Yes" Jackson stated. "I had to eliminate him, and those I believe he may have confided in without raising too much suspicion."

"Who will be taking his place?" The red headed man asked.

"A girl. Pavagi, I believe her name is"

"She won't be a problem, will she?"

"She will have her hands full repairing the current damage from the explosion and attempting to fill her new duties as chief engineering officer. If she does become a problem, we can handle her"

The other members of the council looked at Jackson as he spoke. He had basically just said he murdered the head of engineering and was willing to have the new head of engineering, an 18 year old girl, killed if she became a problem. They began questioning what they were doing. If they continued forward with Project Exodus, there would be many more casualties to come. But if they didn't everyone would eventually die anyway.

"Mr. Anderson. How much oxygen do we have left" Jackson asked the chief science officer.

"2 months, 3 weeks, 4 days" The man replied.

"And how long until construction is complete?" He asked the grey haired woman.

"At the current rate. 3 months" she replied.

"Then it is time to begin phase 1"

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