Night Shift

The fluorescent lights of the medical bay flickered on and off as another power surge rippled through the ship. A young girl sat at a table thumbing through a book, attempting to read in the poor lighting. Reaching for the coffee mug next to her she paused, looking over she noticed the liquid begin to shake. Staring at the cup, the shaking became more intense. Suddenly the occupants of the room were thrown from one side then to another. Moments later the room went black.

The sounds of breaking glass and panicked screams filled the room before the backup lights turned on.

“Is everyone okay?” And older man asked adjusting his glasses.

Everyone looked scared and confused but fine for the most part. Soon a call came across the com system.

“Medical personnel needed to engineering bay one. All non-essential personnel remain where you are.”

“Johnson, take the interns and head down to engineering. The rest of you prepare for incoming.” The older man stated.

The younger doctor looked to Alyssa, “Looks like you’re going to get some field training after all.” Alyssa nodded as she grabbed a supply bag and the two of them headed out of the medical bay.

As they approached the engineering bay smoke clouded the air. Scared and confused people ran past them, no one seemed to know what had happened. The medical team entered engineering to find a raging fire, and bodies scattered across the floor. Alyssa stood frozen, the chaos overwhelming her senses. She had practiced scenarios like this before but this was different. This was real.

“Alyssa, look alive!” her mentor shouted, snapping her back to reality.

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