A New Day Begins

It had been several days since the explosion and everyone seemed to be settling back into their routines. Nathan was no exception. It was his first day off in weeks and he planned to enjoy it. Since the explosion he had taken on much more responsibility. The Captain, seeing how many people were able to confide in him during the recent crisis, had appointed him as liaison officer. He was now in charge of meeting with all department heads and handling any concerns they may have. He would miss flying, but was excited to accept the job.

But today he would enjoy the time to himself. He had plans to meet his sister for a late lunch but until then he decided he would try and earn himself a few extra food rations playing poker down in the lower decks, where most of the lottery winners were housed. Security was much more laxed down there, and would often turn their head to a little gambling, if not join in themselves.

He entered the lift and hit 'down'. Counting the rations he had to gamble with as he waited for the doors to close.


Never much of a morning person, Alyssa yawned as she continued on with her morning rounds in the lower decks. What she wouldn't do for a hot cup of coffee right now. Unfortunately, coffee was in such short supply it cost almost 30% of her daily rations for just a cup. She would have to suffer with being tired this morning.

Alyssa approached another door where two of her patient's were housed and pressed the intercom button.

"It is Doctor Clark. I am here for your health screening" she said, waiting for them to answer the door.

Several minutes had passed with no answer. Strange. That is the twelfth time today. she thought. All personal were notified prior to all health screenings and were expected to be waiting in their room when medical personnel arrived. It wasn't unusual for one or two people to miss an appointment, but twelve? Alyssa began to think this was more than just a coincidence. She waited a few more minutes before giving up and walking away. The way the morning was going she would be finished rounding much sooner than expected.

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