Head shake

As Minu suspected, Mason was more bluster than real knowledge. The thermal conductors would not have stoped the reactor nor the comtainment breach. The gears were to the pumps on the coolant system. She wasn’t going to argue with him, she recognized that he thought he was Vishnu himself. A god walking among mere mortals. Mason represented everything she disliked but she needed parts and materials that would be hard to get through proper channels.

She dismissed him with an, “Okay then. See you with the materials.”

She notified security and Nathan about her encounter with Mr. Winters. She also told them that he was not the sabature. He did not have the technical expertise to have pulled that off. In strong tone, she implied that was that he was more of a disruptive, subversive, criminal problem than the mastermind. It would have required team work to pull the attack off. Mason did not like playing with others, it was all about him.

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