Chaos equals opportunity

Mason Winters was a survivor. Even as he said this to himself amidst whatever new chaos was occurring, he smiled. Not out of arrogance or a delight in seeing people panic - though that excited him because when people panicked they got sloppy or forgetful - which was like a 'go sign' for him. No Mason Winters smiled every time he thought of his own name... because it wasn't his. He wasn't even sure what his real name was.

He remembered the story his grandfather had told him perfectly:

"They all knew the planet was dying and when the elite said they'd be developing a plan to exit Earth many panicked - a big opportunity for him which he'd profited off of but profits at that point did little to guarantee survival. So while some found religion in those days and others turned to suicide and even some turned to all out riots, he'd (his grandfather) prepared.

The governments of Earth had declared a lottery system for a set amount of open seats. He'd considered creating a false identity to try and pass as a skilled personnel member, but when he heard how picky those exams were going to be, he passed on that route. Instead, he began hacking... hacking every database he could find to insert his name into ever optional role on the planet to increase his odds. He had five or six perfect, fake IDs he could use so making all of them simultaneous citizens of every country on the planet should suffice.

Should have.

But when the day of the great lottery came, none of his names were selected. Government forces extracted every winner almost immediately for obvious reasons. He barely managed to obtain a list of winners in time to find one who was a close enough match to himself before a quick change turned him into Mason Winters... passenger number X2378."

And X2378 had gotten Q5619 pregnant, who'd died in childbirth, so Mason... now a single dad had to raise a child or risk being outed as not really Mason Winters. And so X2378 beget X2378-1, who over the years beget X2378-1-2. Oh, his older sister (X2378-1-2), that goody-goody and who'd forgone the family life of art of the con... but no matter. She'd lose her fancy position if she ever outed him. And so, he took to learning the family trade - survival at all costs - and became Mason Winters, the third technically, but he never used the numeric. He rarely used his 'real' name anyway.

Whatever the current chaos was, he didn't care, instead he used it as a time to pass as a medical technician and steal supplies from a near vacant medical ward. But as he approached the doors, he was met with a torrent of staff running out and was grabbed by some sort of supervisor and dragged along. Sure, he could have tried to pretend to be a higher ranking member, but those people had more to prove day to day - the average person didn't. This was just a casualty of the circumstance.

He bumped into some green med tech as they all ran, Alyssa he thought her name was - he made it a point to know as many people as possible but not be known by anyone - and they were thrust into the engineering ward. A wounded man was brought to him by one of the few people who seemed to have their wits about them. "MEDIC!" she yelled and grabbed Mason by the arm. Minu was her name he thought. Instinctively, as his father and grandfather had taught him, 'become' the situation.

He eased the man to the ground and grabbed the medical bag from Alyssa and grabbed a spray can which he knew would disinfect the gash in his arm and clean it enough to ensure they could see if it was life threatening or not. He tossed the can to Alyssa. "This one is Code Orange!"

He turned to Minu and handed her a bandage. "Wrap his arm in this and keep pressure here," he said forcing her hand to grip the injured man's arm above the wound, "it'll slow the blood to the wound." Then he laid the man down and moved onto a woman nearby who looked like she'd caught some sort of shrapnel to her face.

"Hi there gorgeous," he said, trying to comfort her, "you just lay back and relax. You're going to be just fine. Alyssa here is going to take good care of you." He laid the woman down and took Alyssa aside. "She's Code Red, 5 minutes tops. Keep her comfortable and let her pass in peace without fear," he whispered and moved on.

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