Minu had been on break checking on her mother when the incident happened. After the vibration and the power going out and back on. Her locator went off calling her back to engineering. "Mom, something bad has happened, I've got to go." she called out as she grabbed her coat and headed out the door.

The worse emergency on a space ship was a hull breach, the second was fire. She could smell smoke as she approached engineering. Along one of the walls, there was fire fighting equipment in a panel. She grabbed the gear with her name and strapped it on. She had never really had to use it before, but the weekly drills were in her mind.

For engineering the protocol went: Fire, Oxygen, Structure, propulsion, people, and finally power. Others would come to deal with anyone that was hurt. She needed to save the ship so the ship could save the people. As she entered engineering, she saw that many of the engineers from her shift were either killed or injured. She went to work fighting the fire. Fire does not burn the same in space, it burns cooler and does not use as much oxygen. The problem is when you are carrying your oxygen with you, even the little bit fire can consume a fair amount of oxygen.
It took about six of them to get the fire out and get the carbon scrubber back on line to draw the smoke out of the system.

The medical crew invaded quickly. A man grabbed her and gave he instructions to wrap an injured man's injuries. She used the little bit of medical knowledge she had been trained with to wrap the arm to slow the bleeding. Once that was done, she left the healing to the medics. She slowly she walked around the accident looking at it. She reached up in the fire cloves and crushed a couple floating little pinhead sized balls of fire. They would need to get people out then evacuate the air to make sure the fire was really out.

The problem for Minu was that this did not look like an accident. It looked like someone had tried to sabotage the ship or something.

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