Situation Under Control?

Nathan sat on the bridge of the ship, trying to keep his eyes open. The dimmed lights didn't help matters. He hated working night shift. The ship basically ran on autopilot. He was only there encase something went wrong. He stared out of the large glass barrier in front of him. Being a pilot on the bridge did have its advantages. The best view in the house for one. Looking down at his watch he saw he only had 20 left in his shift.

Nathan began gathering his things, his relief would be here be here soon. A shutter was felt on the bridge, followed by an alarm coming from the lower decks. Quickly he pulled up the situation on a monitor. Four decks below a fire was raging, in one of the engineering hangers. Quickly he notified the captain, followed by an announcement over the com system.

"Medical personnel needed to engineering bay one. All non-essential personnel remain where you are" he said as the previously empty bridge quickly flooded with crew members.

"Report" the captain called out as took his chair in the center of the room.

"There's a fire in engineering bay one. Origin is unknown at this time. The medical team has arrived onsite, and it seems the engineers are putting out the fire as we speak." Nathan stated.


Alyssa scanned her environment taking note of the situation. Out of the corner of her eye a pair of legs, sticking out from behind some barrels, caught her eye. She approached a man who has laying face down off in the corner. "Sir, can you hear me?" she asked as she began to feel for a pulse. His skin was cool and no pulse was found. Turning him on his back she noticed a strange mark around the man's neck. Had he been strangled? she wondered before he attention was called elsewhere.

A woman laid on the ground, another man was already with her. He was dressed in scrubs but Alyssa didn't recognized him. She thought she knew everyone of the medical staff. maybe he was from the blue collar's med bay. He barked out some orders and quickly took off.

Assessing the patient, it seemed he at least knew what he was talking about. The woman had only moments left. Alyssa held the woman's hand as she gave her a comfortable dose of Morphine. She would be scolded for wasting medical supplies on a "lost cause" by the Chief of Medical later. She didn't care though, no one should spend their last moments in pain. As the woman took her last breath, Alyssa let go of her hand and moved onto another patient.

By this time the most of the critically injured had be transported to medical bay. It was going to be a long night of surgeries. Though Alyssa didn't mind, surgery is where she felt most comfortable. There, she was in control. The chaos she had entered on threw her completely out of her comfort zone.

As the engineers began to get the fire under control, Alyssa began to assess those who remain in the hanger bay. A few mild cases of smoke inhalation, several second and third degree burns; Theses would be treatable in med-bay. Helping a older man to his feet she couldn't help but wonder about how the fire had started.

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