Lorenzo wakes up

Lorenzo was asleep when the tremors started. He didn't quite fall out of bed, but teetering on the edge for a moment was enough to wake him up fully from a very deep sleep. His possessions lay here and there on the floor, but he didn't think of them for a moment. With a burst of speed, he was out of bed and into his clothes in barely over a minute, a well-rehearsed routine. He rushed out of his small dorm room and started knocking on doors and yelling for his neighbors. "Tom! Jaimie! Greg! Nathalya! You all okay? Anyone hurt?" Doors opened left and right to groggy yet startled faces. Most of them had been asleep, and the hinged beds kept most of them safe. But Nathalya had a large gash across her face, as she ahd been out of bed and the tremors caused her to fall face first on the sharp edge of her small dorm desk.

Lorenzo did not waste words. "Jaimie, Tom, check the next dorm corridor. Nathalya, I'm taking you to the medic bay." He pulled a large cloth from his pocket and pressed it against her gash. Blood had been running into her eyes and she was half blinded by it. Without waiting for protest, he hoisted her onto his back piggyback style and ran in large leaps towards the small lower deck med bay.

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