Crap, people.

As Minu went to the sick bay to talk to her superior, she found herself in an uncomfortable position. She was by default in command of engineering till members of the senior staff recovered from their injuries, and if they recovered. Her supervisor gave her the bad news before he went into surgery. She had to go talk to people not engineers or techs, people.

She made her way to the bridge to give an informal report on what she saw and was going on. As the Captain had left the bridge to meet with some senior staff, she gave her report to Nathan. She included that she thought that this was deliberately done.

She also mentioned the strange man who also responded to crisis who did not know proper protocol and interfered with her making sure the fire was out and the ship was structurally safe. She wondered if he may have something to do with what happened in engineering. She knew this would raise an eyebrow and get security to investigate. They would look at footage and figure out who he was and deal with him. After all, the ARC has a brig for a reason. As an engineer, she would prefer to use his butt to patch the engine core or hull. As her supervisor and co-workers have told her multiple times, that is why she shouldn't have a gun. She would use it on people that annoy her.

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