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Juri Juntunen

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Adventurers




My Lord, may I present Juri as a new wizard. In his training He has proven to have command over the elements of terra, ignum, and arum. He is weak in plant, animal, and mind and soul magic. He is quite deficient in Aquium.

He has shown some promise in the area of enchantment working with metals and glass. Though like most Terra mages, he is not the fastest and I would recommend his working with a master craftsmen.


Master Juri

Physical Appearance

Juri is a overly tall thin man with dark hair and a prematurely beard and emerald green eyes. Around his neck is a necklace of rare and assorted gems and stones. A few glow.

His robes a brown like rich soil, the lining of his cloak is a dark green while the outside is black.

Personality and interests

Juri doesn’t talk to strangers much. He does with friends and those he finds interesting. He is patient and methodical when he can be. He can also be intensely angery or appear flighty.

Juri is interested in learning more Magics and building a great city. He has had a dream that the heart of the mountain, could be crafted into an item to inprisson the Kings enemies.

He is interested in weath, gems and the like not for their monetary value, though has come to learn that is important too.


Juri grew up at the edge of the woods and mountains. There Juri learned the needed skills of using a bow and a swoard, though he is more likely to clobber you with a rock hard fist.

His father was a miner and hi mother a seamstress.

Like most male mages, ignum came to him first, fueled by anger. Throwing sticks fuel by the angry from one of his “friends” making fun of him being a giant. The stick started to burn from the edges.

Shortly after he was sent to be apprenticed and not to burn the forest down, there is normally a practical reason for things too. He studied his magic and crafting.

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Image of Juri Juntunen
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