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Summary: Who you calling little?


Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Adventurers




Weaponsmith - he's so good at making them and making powerful/unique ones, you could almost call it magical


not applicable

Physical Appearance

Big for a gnome/small for a human (likely some mixed human or elf in there), orange colored hair

Personality and interests

Very charming
Making the best weapons to put into the hands of people who will help him shape the world as he thinks it should be.


He and his father were banished when his mother gave birth to him (she died in childbirth) and it was clear that he was his father's son and not the master of the village - whom she'd been forced to marry. They were taken in by a community of frog-men (Bullywugs) whom accepted the two of them and they helped them prosper by engineering a water purification system - they lived in a fetid swamp.

They were attacked by some dark force and Nirick escaped, saving two children - Moss and Olive - who have grown up to adore Nirick like a father.

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Image of Nirick
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