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Summary: Cellan is a woodland spirit who's seeking to commune with living things.

Cellan Vennan

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Gender: male

Age: 40

Group: Other


Hobbit or Halfling


Cellan is a hunter and shaman. Giving him skills in stealth, wilderness survival and archery. He has a magical ability with healing, spirit visions, plants and animals.



Physical Appearance

Cellan is 3 feet tall and weighs 45 pounds. He has red hair, pale skin, and freckles. He is dressed in animal skins and carries a backpack. To the casual human observer, he looks like a street urchin.

Personality and interests

Cellan is a family hobbit having a wive and three little hobbits back home. His principle concern is to ensure that the world continues to be a safe place for his children to grow up in.


Cellan is a member of the Vennan halfling tribe which lives deep in the unexplored woodlands. The city dwellers think of the tribe as savages and barbarians. The tribe elders had a premonition of great evil. After meditating on this on foreboding Cellan received a vision quest to go into the city and seek an understanding of this evil.

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Image of Cellan Vennan
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