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Summary: A very powerful traveler.

Ajal Aonani

Gender: Male

Age: 108

Group: Adventurers


He is a skeletal being who travels the universe watching and interacting but never interfering.


All Kinetic Powers, Ultimate control over the light and darkness of the the universe even the ones in a beings soul. He can make himself pure darkness or light at will. Mad psychic abilities, he can low-key influence time. He can’t die at all. He has an ability that will allow his entire body to be an ghost like creature. He can influence the power of the void to create other universes. Vast necromantic abilities(when doing it his eyes glow green and his body will twist and turn like pennywise). His darkness is unbelievably evil. His light keeps his darkness at bay. Fast AF,(His attack speed with a staff matches his father.)


Warlock Of The Void/Void's Light/The Phantom Wanderer

Physical Appearance

Skeleton with a cloak and His staff is a magical weapon he created while discovering himself in the universe. It can morph into a scythe or a sword or a spear. It is made with demonic essence, darkness of the void, light of the multiverse.

Personality and interests

Serious, peaceful, kind and easy going. He is interested in gaining a vast understanding of the multiverse and different Dimensions


While Aster(A being of the void)was in the void it pulled a piece of it’s dark essence and it’s powers flew into it the void conjured it’s light and the light of the multiverse.It used some of his DNA to give it a physical form. But it gave him the body of an skeletal demon with magnificent horns. In a flash of blinding light that Aster just stood and stared at Ajal was created as a teenager. He used the darkness around him and the light of the universe to create a trenchcoat. That looked very well on him he had a little bit of hair but his horns were huge. He greeted his father with a hug. Which Aster gave him one back and went to his business which Ajal understood why too. But what Aster soon figured out was that with light there was a darkness to this boy as well. He has a split persona of pure evil that would stay at bay as long as he never experience negative emotions too much. 2 years after his supernatural birth when he was 16 he left the void to explore different universes. He called himself the Warlock of the Void. He learned more about his powers as he did he went to different worlds and created his weapon with his new understanding of the universe. While exploring he found a world of peace he grew to love and care for, this world was on the brink of destruction he tried to save it but his emotions cause for his powers to make things worse he destroyed the planet. The emotional distress cause for his evil persona to manifest and he went and consumed worlds in darkness. Until his father Aster saved him. In honor of the planet he destroyed, he used the power of Void’s Heart and created the realm Ciana a place of light, peace and meditation where he takes those who died in peace so their spirits may live in peace it also helps him with his darkness.

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Image of Ajal Aonani
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